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Race Motivation - Keeping it Positive


Over the course of our careers in triathlon, one thing is sure - some races are good, others are more - *ahem* - challenging. For all kinds of reasons - travel, emotions, work conflicts, weather, annoying ice cream truck music . . .

I went east to a race in June, and the trip was troubled from the get-go. Delayed flights, malfunctioning air conditioning, a dead phone and no directions, lost in Friday 5:00 traffic in a city I didn't know, bike transport that did not go according to plan. I was not happy. And it showed. That set the tone for the entire weekend, and while the race itself went well enough, it just felt wrong on so many levels. I never hit my groove.

I'm now away at another race, having driven 16 hours to Racine, Wisconsin for the 70.3, and this experience is night and day compared to last month. Not because I haven't had my share of irritants ...

Tri Hearter: Is IM Boulder your destination or part of the journey?



AJ and me

Ironman Boulder, or any Ironman, is like the Death Star and just sucks you in to its grip of doubt and intimidation. . . No doubt once the day starts there is a lot of nervous energy projected that will cause my adrenaline to spike but I am going to try and think of my good friend's son AJ during my race. His story has nothing to do with triathlons but more about following his dreams having no idea what was in the pot at the end of the rainbow. Yes, Pearl Street will be an amazing finish, but what’s in that pot?

It always comes down to expectations. Maybe having none is the key to all of this. Maybe if we just focus on the passion and happiness competing gives us, the rest will take care of itself. . .


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