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Free Youth Triathlon Workouts at RallySport

By Will Murray:

Do you know a youth who would like to get involved in triathlon? RallySport is hosting free intro workouts the next two Mondays, March 2 and 9 at 4:45 for kids to have a quick swim then transition to the spin bike room. And next Tuesday, March 3, the kids will get the opportunity to do a dry land workout. The emphasis of these workouts is on fun, safety, fun, camaraderie, fun, technique and fun. Licensed triathlon coaches will lead the workouts at RallySport, 2727 29th Street in Boulder.

Next Gen: Snow & March "A" Races


More snow is on the way… Not exactly music to the ears of a collegiate triathlete. With regionals less than 4 weeks away, there isn't any room for snow days or missed workouts. Successful, uninterrupted, training is one of the challenges of season that starts with an “A” race in March. Thankfully, the coaching, atmosphere, and attitude on the CU Boulder Triathlon team makes it easy to think of everyday as a training day, no matter how snowy or cold.

When the snow is coming down and the temperature dips below freezing, almost everyone will have second thoughts about rolling out of bed for that morning swim or layering up for the afternoon ride. It seems that most of the crazy few who don't identify with that statement happen to be on the team. For example, a couple weeks ago the temperature was quickly heading towards 30 degrees, there was a cold wind from the West, and snow was predicted to begin falling in the next two hours. . .

The Making of a Pro with Michael Lovato


"What he learned from his upbringing, especially with sports, is that hard work would trump anything." Read the story of pro triathlete and coach Michael Lovato, and how a background that included gymnastics and baseball all combined to achieve his tremendous world champion success.
"ML believes that you should be working hard yet still having fun, always remembering that the friendships, the relationships, and the memories that you encounter, are what will help you endure that test of time. The trophies and race wins drift away, but the experiences last a lifetime..."


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