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Recap: An Evening at Skirt Sports with Kathrine Switzer


On Wednesday night last week, I went to the Skirt Sport offices and listened to Kathrine Switzer talk. I had heard her name but didn't really know who she was or the impact her story had on my life and the lives of women worldwide.

Thank you Kathrine for being you and taking responsibility for what you started.

An Athlete's Struggle to Heal Through the Power of Triathlon


Collegiate athlete and contributer, Susan Born, speaks openly and candidly about her experience of living with an eating disorder that began as a youth and how she struggles with it daily to participate in a sport she loves, Triathlon.

The worst night I can remember during all of this occurred in the summer of 2009, before I was diagnosed. We get a lot of summer thunderstorms here in Colorado. I woke up to the sound of car alarms and began to get anxious, noticing how markedly and strangely weak I felt. My chest hurt. I was freezing. I felt like my heart was beating lethargically. I closed my eyes and tried to fall back to sleep, but I couldn’t force myself to believe that I would probably be all right in the morning if I fell back to sleep.

Tri Coach Tuesday: The Importance of Lactate Threshold Testing


What is Lactate Threshold? Have you had the test? Do you know why? Maybe your coach said they needed you to have one done? How does your coach use the data?

Justin Chester of TriCoach Colorado, answers all of these questions and more in this week's installment of Tri Coach Tuesday.

2014 Ironman Arizona: A Spectator's Story


303Triathlon's 719 Rep, Nicole Drummer, had the opportunity to travel to Ironman Arizona this year. As a friend, coach, sherpa and media rep, she had some great vantage points and insights to this years event.

I had the opportunity to head to Ironman Arizona to support one of my athletes and at the same time help cover the race for 303Triathlon. Here are my top 20 experiences and observations from the weekend.


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