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Tri Coach Tuesday: Taking A Mental Break


We know that the off season is important for giving our bodies a break from the rigors of training. It’s important to spend time with family and friends, give deserved attention to the healing of nagging injuries and giving extra attention to those weak areas.

What about the importance of an off season for our mental health?

A mental break, much like a physical break, gives you the chance to press reset and evaluate what it is you’re doing, and why it’s important to you. Not only is it an important time for goal setting and reflection, but it’s also a time to let yourself relax and turn your attention to things other than your athletic endeavors. Whether you’re in the midst of racing cyclocross, marathon training, or winding down your season, allow yourself a mental break. It will help you reset, re-focus, and re-evaluate for all that lies ahead.

The Cyclist-Lawyer Takes On IRONMAN


Towards the end of September I sat in a presentation at The Ute and Yeti in downtown Colorado Springs to hear a presentation by Megan Hottman, aka the Cyclist-Lawyer, on Colorado cycling laws. I’ve “known” Megan virtually for some time through social media (meaning I followed her on twitter for a few years…) when following the Colorado cycling scene, so when I learned UpaDowna and SoCo Velo were hosting her here, I figured it’d be a smart thing for me to do as a coach and group ride leader.

The last time I saw Megan was earlier this summer when I raced the State Games Triathlon and Megan was there. My reaction was something like “Huh? What’s a pro cyclist doing racing this little triathlon?” It was a short sprint triathlon, so I just thought it was cool and left it at that.

I was still curious after seeing her at that race, so after her cycling law presentation, I went up to her and asked “Soooooo, when’s your next triathlon?” unaware of some of the other racing she had already been doing. She told me the big one is in a couple months. I did some math, and was thinking - what race is in November?? Ahhh - IRONMAN Arizona!!

Splishing and Splashing at the 2015 IRONMAN Arizona


With over 90 athletes registered for the 2015 edition of IRONMAN Arizona, 303Triathlon headed out west to capture the event.

Nicole Odell and Kenny Withrow made the trip to get pictures and video throughout the day, and did their best trying to find and capture athletes from Colorado. We were the fifth most represented state at this event, dropping one spot from last year's fourth.

What was supposed to be a pretty typical, low 70s, slight chance of showers kind of race day turned into a upper 50s/low 60s overcast and rainy day. While the overcast skies helped keep the east-bound swim at sunrise sightable, it made for a very cool day. When the rain came mid-late morning, an additional challenge was placed on the athletes.


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