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Tri Hearter: Data & Technology - let it refine, not define


Bill Plock considers the many tests and data analysis options available to triathletes. One of the latest tests available: a new glycogen store test. Pretty cool. Read more for the details. Bill cautions, "Embrace the technology, the tests, the information, the coaches and experts, but don’t let any of it define us, just let it refine us."

Glassmith2 Chooses Ironman 70.3 Boulder and Ironman Boulder race entry winners


Congratulations to the two race entry winners in the Glassmith2 Ironman 70.3 Boulder and Ironman Boulder race entry contest!

Here are the inspirational stories of two exceptional athletes who have overcome the curveballs life has lobbed their way, and are ready to toe the line at Boulder's two largest races, compliments of awards maker Glassmith2:

Mid-Week Mental: Dr. A tackles open water swim panic



Photo: Lester Pardoe

Particularly applicable here at the start of the season, as many of us don our wetsuits for the first time this year, and most lakes and reservoirs present water temps on the icy side of cold...

By Dr. Andrea Wieland:

Dear Dr. A: I'm a really good swimmer. But at the start of races, with the crowd and the loudspeaker and the anticipation of the starting gun, I panic in the water. I try to start to the side and not get caught up, but in the races I've done I feel really overwhelmed and then can't catch my breath and I have to stop...

Get Your 303 Cycling Gear Before Friday!


Want to look amazing this summer and sport the 303 logo? Now's your chance. We opened our Pactimo Store today and it will be only open until Friday morning. So it's time to shop! Best get the order in by Thursday night! It's only open for a short time because we need the order before the end of June so our Bike MS Team can look fantastic!


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