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More Undie Fun, Cornhusker Style


Visiting triathletes from the Omaha Endurance Group, self-proclaimed "Oma-Hotties," joined in last evening's Boulder Underpants Run, and had a great time:

By Michelle Bandur

People who train for an Ironman race work hard all the time. We spend hours crafting our skills of trying to get stronger, trying to get faster in our three disciplines of swimming, biking and running. It takes up most of our time. So when we get the chance to take a break and have some fun from the intense training… we go all out... especially when it involves running around in our underwear and getting free beer. . .

Tri Hearter: Are you IN for Ironman Boulder 2015?


Funny, the question I’m asked more than most others is will I race again next year, yet the inaugural Boulder Ironman is two days away.

I suppose most people expect me to say yes or at least the typical “well let’s see how this one goes” but my answer has been that I’m not sure. I answer unconfidently because of the cost and I tend to be a little squeaky with my money but I woke up with this thought today; I’m not paying for a race, I’m paying for a lifestyle, one that I like so how can I not sign up again?

Iron Tiara: Race Week & Drying Out


By Kristina Jensen

Rain week. er, uh, I mean RACE WEEK...

At 4:45am, I laced up my shoes, held my breath and stepped outside...the sun was still snoozin' as I took my first few steps into the damp streets. The moisture clung to my skin and it was obvious that although the rain had stopped, it was only taking a break. I took my time cruising around the neighborhood, paying attention to all the little aches and pains that always surface during race week. Yup, there they are. . .

Boulder Underpants Run


Last night's inaugural Boulder Underpants Run not only provided a great opportunity for Ironman athletes to blow off some steam before Sunday's big race (as described below in a Daily Camera article), but it served to raise funds both for Boulder's Expand program, helping individuals with disabilities get involved in sports, and also the Valmont expansion project, aimed at adding a running track. Sponsored by Boulder Running Company, and heralded by 3-time Ironman champion Michael Lovato, the event was deemed a success with around 200 participants turning out and baring well-toned bodies.

"I get to channel my inner exhibitionist out here," said Pueblo resident Shelby Austin, of the Batman faction. "It's more comfortable, it's more aerodynamic. I might just do it this way on Sunday." ...

Read more for the full scoop and photo album!


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