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Best Laid Plans: Ellen Hart's Ironman Boulder Story


Feeling chewed up and spit out by Sunday's Ironman Boulder? You're not alone. It happens to the best. Here is elite triathlete & 303 contributor Ellen Hart's recap of her humbling journey:
So I had a plan for the day. But it started to go slightly awry right from the get-go. ..

Weekend Preview: Happy Racing to All


Not involved in Ironman Boulder this weekend?
That's ok, there are plenty of other things going on.

For every one racing this weekend, in any event, 303Triathlon wishes you a great race. If you are on the IM Boulder course, watch for us at the reservoir for the swim, at mile 96 of the bike with our Skratch snowcones and at the finish.

Check out valet service for Ironman Boulder!


Pro Bike Express will treat athletes to VIP service after the race... This will include hanging wet suits and cleaning bikes!

All for only $49 - hurry there are only 20 spots left.

From Wesley at PBE: "Let’s focus on making Boulder about your race and not dealing with the circus afterwards!"


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