Training & Racing with Boulder’s Vixxen Racing

Vixxen Racing TeamVixxen Racing is coached by Eric Kenny of EK Endurance Coaching.

The Mission of Vixxen Racing is To Inspire Women and Girls to accept no limits, conform to no standards, work hard, stay humble, and strive to be the best we can be. They are doing just that.

This past weekend in St. George, Utah, the hard work the ladies have been putting in under the guidance and supervision of Coach Eric Kenny, paid off as they won the team competition in their debut event.

Coach Eric offers a glimpse into the hard work they put in in their preparation for St. George.

Race preparation is about much more than working hard. It’s about learning. Figuring out how to execute a particular race or effort with the goal of maximum performance on race day.

Today, with Vixxen Racing we did a bit of both Hard work plenty of analysis and learning.
With the weather turning cold and snowy the ladies stayed inside. While this is not what anyone would hope for we tried to take advantage of it. Being on the trainer let us be more specific in 2 ways.

1. Control of temperature. I upped the temp a bit on the ladies to simulate the warmer temps they will be facing in St George. Not a lot but they were forced to ride in a hotter environment than they have been in early spring in CO.

2. Controlling and changing their wattage more than normal. I almost always prefer to have athletes train outside. That’s where you race, that’s where you should train. Today, instead of looking for a rout that was kind of like the race route, we were able to vary the effort, cadence, etc. and simulate the course very accurately.

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The team is made up of Sasha Fluss, Catherine Johnson, Lauren Kelley, Ana Kelty, Briana Boehmer, Liz West, Andrea Hart, Erin Kersten, Kelly Emich, Riley Lantz, Amy Quirion (not pictured).

Kenny Withrow’s vlog on getting to St. George 70.3 here

Race day video recap

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