USA Triathlon’s Elevate 2028 Strategic Plan to Guide Through the LA Olympics

USA Triathlon’s Elevate 2028 Strategic Plan will guide the organization’s priorities, decision-making processes and culture through the next two Olympic and Paralympic Quadrennials. The robust set of guiding principles, goals and strategies will enable USA Triathlon to grow participation, provide unmatched support to the multisport community, and reach vast new audiences culminating at the Olympic and Paralympic Games Los Angeles 2028.

Elevate 2028 is intentionally extended through 2028 to mark the moment when the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games will return to the United States — to Southern California, the birthplace of triathlon — for the first time in 32 years. The LA 2028 Games will mark the first time triathlon is contested in the Olympic and Paralympic Games on U.S. soil, providing the opportunity to build a legacy in the U.S. and create mainstream exposure for the sport on an unprecedented scale.

Vision: To grow, inspire and support the triathlon/multisport community.

Mission: To provide resources that empower members of the triathlon/multisport community to reach their full potential


Excellence: We embody the aspirational ideals set by our Olympic and Paralympic athletes, reaching the highest levels of performance in everything we do.

Service We operate in a spirit of service and giving back, enabling the triathlon/multisport community to attain its goals and thrive.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Access We aspire to ensure the sport is reflective of the country we represent, and value and embrace diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.

Collaboration We maximize reach and available resources through strategic partnership.


Serve and Engage Our Community: Provide exceptional service, resources and value to our constituent groups – including Race Directors and Event Production Companies, Coaches, Officials, Clubs, Volunteers, Athletes and Fans, and any other individuals or organizations that support the triathlon/multisport community.

Grow the Sport: Increase participation and engagement by expanding and simplifying pathways for new athletes to enter the sport and develop and maximize their triathlon/multisport potential while empowering and providing meaningful value and support for USA Triathlon members.

Elevate the Brand and the Sport: Inspire athletes of all ages to become participants, fans and lifelong members of our community by sharing and celebrating the virtues of the sport, the mission of USA Triathlon, and the personal, unique and shared qualities of our members.

Embody Sport Leadership: Demonstrate global excellence in athlete support, sport performance and business operations.

Ensure Financial Strength: Diversify and increase revenue streams to fund our strategic priorities.



How We Will Do It (Strategies)• Service and Value. Transform the relationships with our constituent groups and their overall experience with USA Triathlon in significant, tangible ways, to increase satisfaction, retention and advocacy.• Resource Leader. Establish the most trusted and robust education and resource program in the endurance sports industry to develop a talented, diverse, and passionate pool of coaches, race directors, officials, volunteers, and leaders.• Build, Connect and Activate the Community. Create and cultivate an integrated network of meaningful relationships and volunteerism and maximize our constituent base across the triathlon/multisport community at the grassroots level.• Establish Government Relations, Advocacy and Public Affairs Capabilities. Develop local and national governmental relationships and partnerships to increase influence on local event permitting and costs, health and wellness, athlete safety, and environmental sustainability. 

What We Will Measure (2028 Target Outcomes)• Become an organization renowned throughout the sports industry for its exceptional customer service with an annual 8.0 blended average customer satisfaction rating (CSAT) across constituents and members• Position the organization as the industry leader in resources for all constituents and prospective multisport athletes to elevate and connect the triathlon/multisport community• Assure the top-25 markets in the United States have a vibrant triathlon/multisport community through support of youth and adult clubs, local races, volunteerism and strong governmental relationships 


How We Will Do It (Strategies)• Deepen Connection with Membership. Retain and support the triathlon/multisport membership base by delivering meaningful value and transforming an athlete’s personal relationship with the sport into a lifestyle, mindset and passionate lifelong pursuit.• Build Youth Development Pathways and Infrastructure. Provide clear pathways into the sport from youth to collegiate athletes and develop programs to grow the next generation of athletes.• Ensure Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Access. Break down barriers and create opportunities to engage individuals from underserved and underrepresented populations and foster a welcoming and inclusive environment for people of every race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, ability and socioeconomic status.• Engage New Audiences: Increase pathways to attract fitness enthusiasts, become the trusted source for new triathlon/multisport athletes, strengthen strategic partnerships, and leverage innovative fitness technology and gaming to reach new audiences. 

What We Will Measure (2028 Target Outcomes)• Improve the average membership lifetime value (baseline to be determined in 2021)• Increase diversity in triathlon/multisport to better reflect the demographics of the United States• Build an established and nationally recognized high school sport program 


How We Will Do It (Strategies)• Reposition the sport: Activate #PowerWithin to address the sport’s challenges head-on, galvanize the current triathlon/multisport community and inspire new audiences to discover the health and wellness benefits of the sport, and ultimately, realize the best versions of themselves.• Embrace All Multisport Formats. Fully embrace the diversity of swim, bike, run experiences by promoting all triathlon/multisport related disciplines.• Establish Triathlon and Multisport as Mainstream. Increase public awareness of triathlon/multisport as an aspirational, yet attainable, participatory sport and establish it as a compelling and exciting spectator sport.• Optimize the Road to LA 2028. Leverage LA 2028. Engage current and prospective fans and athletes on the journey through Tokyo and Paris to the 2028 Olympic & Paralympic Games in Los Angeles to raise awareness, excitement and support for triathlon/multisport in the U.S. 

What We Will Measure (2028 Target Outcomes)• Increase the brand health score by 20% by elevating the brand of the sport and USA Triathlon• Expand non-traditional swim-bike-run formats to double participation• Evolve triathlon/multisport from a primarily participant sport to a spectator sport 


How We Will Do It (Strategies)• Ensure Athlete Well-Being. Support holistic athlete development, with an emphasis on health, safety, fair competition and personal growth through significant, focused efforts on SafeSport, and clean sport.• Support Olympic/Paralympic Performance. Establish the best Olympic and Paralympic high-performance triathlon programs in the world by providing resources focused on sustained competitive excellence and identifying and supporting the best athletes to attain podium finishes, and a comprehensive career transition program for elite athletes.• Establish International Impact. Foster meaningful relationships as an influential leader with the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC), U.S. National Governing Bodies (NGBs), United States Olympic and Paralympic Properties (USOPP), LA 2028 Organizing Committee, World Triathlon, and other National Federations (NFs) for the sport.• Optimize Organizational Performance. Promote an organizational culture that is people-first and data and results-driven. 

What We Will Measure (2028 Target Outcomes)• Develop the top high performance program in the world as measured by best overall podium finishes in LA2028• Continue to act as the prominent leader and influencer for the sport nationally and establish USA Triathlon as the primary leader for the sport internationally• Strive to become the best place to work in sports and earn a 90% overall employee satisfaction annually 


How We Will Do It (Strategies)• Inspire Philanthropic Growth. Create an industry leading major gift program and establish an endowment to support strategic priorities.• Expand Corporate Partner Engagement. Develop mutually beneficial partnerships with organizations that can lend expertise, exposure and resources to USA Triathlon and to the sport.• Maximize Revenue Streams. Expand existing sources of revenue and develop new revenue-generating opportunities.• Ensure Fiscal Stewardship. Prioritize sound financial management and organizational effectiveness to achieve strategic priorities. 

What We Will Measure (2028 Target Outcomes)• Secure $4,000,000 annually in donations for the foundation and develop an endowment• Grow marketing related revenue to $6,000,000 annually• Ensure cash reserves equal to six months of operating expenses and exceed $20,000,000 in annual revenue 

USA Triathlon Elevate 2028 Working Group

  • Ann Bailey, Government Relations, Executive Director at Morgan Stanley & Team USAAge Group Athlete
  • Victoria Brumfield, USA Triathlon Chief of Staff
  • Rob Canales, ROKA Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
  • Dave Deschenes, USA Triathlon Foundation Executive Director
  • John Farra, USA Triathlon High Performance General Manager
  • Marcus Fitts, GRIT USA Founder and Owner
  • Dirk Friel, Peaksware and TrainingPeaks Co-Founder
  • Gabriela Gallegos, USA Triathlon Board of Directors, President and Race Director at Race El Paso
  • Rocky Harris, USA Triathlon Chief Executive Officer
  • Jacqueline McCook, Past President, USA Triathlon Board of Directors
  • Chuck Menke, Former USA Triathlon Chief Marketing Officer
  • Joel Rosinbum, President, USA Triathlon Board of Directors and Elite Paratriathlete
  • Erin Storie, USA Triathlon Elite Athlete
  • Kenneth Shropshire, Global Sport Institute Chief Executive Officer
  • Nellie Viner, USA Triathlon Senior Counsel
  • Earl Walton, IRONMAN Global Director of Training and Coaching
  • Katie Willemarck, USA Triathlon Controller
  • Tim Yount, USA Triathlon Chief Sport Development Officer 


  • Avery Wilson, U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee
  • Jace Coston, USOPC
  • Danielle Lopez, USOPC
  • Kelly Stone, USOPC
  • Davis Tutt, USOPC
  • Liz Browne, USA Triathlon

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