Tri Coach Tuesday: Colorado Athletes in Kona

Our staff of 9 have been busy at work these past several days in Kona.  We hope you have been enjoying the athlete stories, daily videos, Facebook and Twitter posts.


No matter how hard we have worked to be here, the athletes representing Colorado have worked harder and we are so honored and excited to be here to cheer them on and support them this very big race week and race day.


Here is a list of the Colorado age group athletes toeing the line at this Saturdays IRONMAN World Championship race in Kona.  You’re bound to know a few.


Peter Anderson

William Ankele, Jr

Heidi Bathum

Amy Becker

Bryan Bergman

Briana Boehmer

Mike Breyer

Brandt Burns

Simon Butterworth

Rich Byyny

Mark Cardinale

Brad Cooper

Craig Depperschmidt

JP Giblin

Ellen Hart

Sandra Hyra

Mikhail Ivanov

Steve Johnson

Scott Jones

Mike Kloosterman

Caleb Knight

Rob Ladewig

Brian Lambert

Kyle Lehman

Greg Lindquist

Matt Malone

Laura Marcoux

Bob McRae

Andree Miceli

Felipe Mora

Steve Murray

Brian Nesbitt

Katie O’Connor

Ivan Ogorman

Michelle Orgill

Donald Orr

Chris Peeters

Sarah Peltier

Philip Regnier

Jennifer Schaffner

Emily Smith

Marshal Steves

Chris Thomas

Sandi Wiebe

Sonja Wieck

Cameron Williams

Laurel Wright


Pro athletes for Saturday’s race hailing from Colorado include Andy Potts, Ben Hoffman, Tim O’Donnell, Tyler Butterfield and Mirinda “Rinny” Carfrae.

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