The Tri Doc, Jeff Sankoff Shares Insight on Heart Health in Wake of Tim O’Donnell’s Heart Attack

Recently Emergency Room Physician and very accomplished IRONMAN veteran athlete Dr. Jeff Sankoff shared on his podcast, thoughts on heart health and specifically talking about what probably happened with Tim O’Donnell and what that means for triathletes in general.

In this podcast he replays a conversation with USA Triathlon CEO Rocky Harris who reveals some health issues he has overcome and warns triathletes to know your health history and get check ups. The overall message it seems is that simply being fit doesn’t mean you are healthy. That fitness does not overcome something like heart disease.

It’s a good listen, about 30 minutes and Dr. Sankoff brings in his colleague Dr. Matt Holland, a cardiology specialist at Denver Health. They discuss some very specific factors about things like what causes heart attacks versus cardiac arrest. What really is the “widow” maker and how so many different things can cause a multitude of outcomes. But the conversation is also re-assuring in terms of how most all of us can avoid these things and how rare it really is for someone like Tim O’Donnell to have experienced this.

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Dr. Sankoff is dedicated to helping triathletes (athletes) train healthy and his podcast features many great topics and guest dedicated to this mission. His website is Learn more about him here and subscribe to his podcast.

Dr. Jeff Sankoff

In a small world twist, Dr. Sankoff treated 303’s Khem Suthiwan almost a year ago when she came to the ER with a torn retina she sustained on bike ride.

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