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303Radio Interviews Stryd’s Nick Obletz and Angus Nelson

303radio was in Boulder recently interviewing Nick Obletz and Angus Nelson of Stryd–the running power meter and finding out why it should be under the Christmas tree this year.

If you aren’t familiar with running with a power meter you will want to listen to this podcast to learn why running with power can help you be faster and more efficient.


Also, be sure to check out our full story on Stryd by Rich Soares from our Holiday Gift Guide.

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Stryd Power Meter

If you are looking to stir up some excitement for your tech-lover- athlete this holiday season, Stryd is more powerful than mistletoe.

Footbeat: A New Way to Recover

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Ravemen CR900 Front Light and TR20 Rear Light

One light – every possible scenario covered. Need a daytime running light for really, really long rides on country roads? Check. Need a super bright flood light for nighttime bike commuting? Check. Need to change the brightness of your light on the fly as the sun rises? CHECK!

Racing with Stryd

by Coach Nicole Odell, NEO Endurance Sports & Fitness
I’ve had my Stryd power meter for a couple months now, have been training with it, and now have done a few races with it. Let’s take a look at the race data.


Race #1: Rescue Run, Jan 1, 2017
This is a 10k race that was partially paved and partially packed dirt trail. It was quite hilly – the first mile was pretty much all uphill on the park road, the next 4 are rolling, and the last mile is back down the asphalt hill.

My goal for this race was just to run it hard, knowing I had to be careful on the first hill. It was my first time running the race (but not my first time in that park), so I had an idea of the course, but wasn’t exactly sure what would come around each bend. I ran by feel to see what the power numbers would turn out to be.

What we see with that is my power increases on the uphill segments and decreases on the downhill, as is expected. My form power (running in place power) actually goes up when I’m on downhill segments, so I could probably work to make myself a little “lighter” on the downhills, as in those segments, my form power is a higher percentage of my total power.

I had Adam Heaney of Stryd take a look at this race data, and he was able to identify that I seemed to run with the terrain instead of by power (correct). I also was interested in how form power varies from total power, and he said typically in the range of 20-30%, and I was around 30%, so there is room for improvement there.



Race #2: Life Time Fitness Indoor Tri, Jan 8, 2017


This was a 20 minute treadmill run after a 10 minute swim and a 30 minute bike. While I was probably a little conservative to start, I gave it “a good run” and ramped up the pace across the duration. There are a couple interesting things here. First, my form power stays relatively steady across the whole effort once I get settled in. As expected, power gradually increases with increasing pace as well. But what’s interesting here is the little bit of undulation in my power towards the end… My only explanation at this time would be that I was changing up my stride a bit as the treadmill was getting faster, as I can see some variation in the ground contact time and vertical oscillation data there as well.


While I should have had a specific power target for pacing, as I’d done my critical power test on a treadmill, I was more focused on pace instead. Average power was 248W, and at the upper end of my Z4.




Read the full article and analysis here

Stryd Goes Running In Kona

Stryd, a company that made the first wearable running power meter, is based out of Colorado and 303 has been following them for the last couple years. They just won the Hype Foundation’s Global Innovation in Sports Competition in Rio, so we were definitely interested in what they were showing everyone here in Kona. 

One of the things Stryd did was to allow athletes to take the footpod for a run and then review the data to get a taste of the technology. On Tuesday morning I showed up to their tent around 7am, and met Adam. He set me up with the new footpod (the previous version was a heart rate strap) and off I went for a run down Ali’i drive. I was on the rolling hills, and changed up the pace here and there to see what would happen.


When I returned, Adam uploaded the data to the Stryd software (it’s online) and we looked at the metrics. I had never run with the Stryd unit before, so I couldn’t get a whole lot of meaning from the numbers, but rather see the trends of the metrics as I increased the pace, slowed down, ran uphill, and downhill. Sure enough, when we reviewed the data, the big picture data showed what I’d expect – power that was steady when I ran, and when I pushed the pace it went up.

On Wednesday afternoon, Stryd set up an all-star panel at Huggo’s with coaches Frank Jakobsen, Jim Vance, and Andrew Coggan (he Skyped in), one of the co-founders of Stryd, Jamie Williamson, as well as IRONMAN champion Craig Alexander. The panel was moderated by Bob Babbitt.


The panel discussed a little of the history of the company, the benefit of using the power metric in running, some of the differences between analyzing bike power data and running power. They also stressed that this is very new so the data is being collected. The more feedback they can get from coaches and athletes using a Stryd unit, the better the data analysis will get over time, and the better the product can be.


The panel then took questions from the audience. Some of them were existing Stryd users, and some were just now learning about the technology. Then Jamie gave a short presentation with a little more technical talk of the data from the Stryd unit. Jim Vance also had copies of his book available for purchase.


These kinds of events here in Kona are fantastic. Not only are athletes (whether racing or not) and coaches around essentially everything triathlon, it’s an educational and networking environment as well.

Boulder startup Stryd wins gold in Rio with running power meter

Gwen Jorgensen of the United States wins the women's triathlon competition of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Saturday, Aug. 20, 2016. (Gregory Bull / AP)
Gwen Jorgensen of the United States wins the women’s triathlon competition of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Saturday, Aug. 20, 2016. (Gregory Bull / AP)

By Shay Castle
Boulder Daily Camera Staff Writer

Athletes weren’t the only ones representing Boulder on the podiums in Rio the past few weeks.

Startup Stryd also won gold, of a sort, coming out tops in a global sports technology innovation competition hosted in concurrence with The Games.

Stryd, which makes the world’s first power meter for runners, beat out eight teams from around the world to claim the 100,000 euro grand prize.

“It was humbling,” said CEO Robert Dick. “This wasn’t just a local competition; it was the best sports technology in the world. A lot of these guys have great ideas.”

Stryd was one of a handful of Boulder businesses with a presence at the Olympics, and one of three tech companies whose products shared athlete’s spotlight on the podium.

The U.S. women’s cycling team, which bikes outfitted with specially made power meters from Boulder’s Stages Cycling, claimed silver in the team pursuit.

And Gwen Jorgensen became the first American to win the triathlon. The Minnesota resident and two-time world champion is an official partner of Boulder’s Training Peaks, and has been using its software to analyze her training for several years.

Read full article here.

Training with Heart and Power

While here in Kailua-Kona, HI for IRONMAN World Championships, I’ve had the opportunity to do a little product testing.
I hooked up with Reg and Kebby of Coeur Sports and Gus of Stryd Running. Coeur Sports provided me with this beautiful tri kit and Stryd Running with one of their new running power meters.

With product in hand, we headed north to Waimea for a run. What a beautiful place Waimea is. Just about an hour from Kona, we went from sea level and high temperatures to a run start elevation of 1500 feet and 70 degrees. The terrain is lush and green and good for raising cattle apparently as we saw many.

The tri kit I wore was the Limited Edition Women’s Triathlon Shorts and top in Kona Design. The fit was great, snug but not too snug. Both the top and the shorts have plenty of pockets to stash fuel and a phone. I probably could have stuck a smaller water bottle in a pocket too. The shorts have a great grip strip keeping the bottom edge of the shorts in place. We covered about 12 miles on our run in the cooler but still humid environment of Waimea, Hi. We climbed about 1500 feet during our run and I had no chaffing or hot spots from any part of the top or shorts.

Also on my run, I used the Stryd Running Power Meter. The first power meter developed for running.

The power meter is super easy to use. The device snaps into the heart rate strap that I already use for my Garmin. I paired it with my watch for HR. In order to view the power data while you’re running, you have to have your watch in bike mode and pair it for power. After you’re all paired, start your watch and go run. Once you have a couple of sessions under your belt you can start evaluating your data to help dial in your efficiency and maximize your power for optimal performance.

Stryd determines power independently of heart rate, based on your body’s motion and the slope of the ground. That means the power number responds immediately to changes in training intensity and doesn’t depend on temperature.

Power meters would give runners a means of measuring just how efficient their stride is, which could result in a huge boost in performance.
Read more about the benefits of running with power here

Tip of the day relax going up hill and run fast going down, don’t push the hill and save power, relaxing down a hill actually causes you to brake and increase power–more energy