Take the Guess Work Out of Bike Maintenance with Ikeono

by Khem Suthiwan

From Tribella’s very own Brett Lang and IOs developer Dru Lang, comes Ikeono , the check engine light for your bike.

As manager of the Tribella Sports Group , Brett spends his days interpreting people’s qualitative description to what is effectively a quantitative problem. In his experience, people do not willfully neglect their bike, it is simply a lack of knowledge and awareness. With this realization, Brett and his brother came up with the idea of Ikeono, the check engine light for your bike.

Ikeono takes Strava ride data and attributes mileage to each of your components, sending notifications when service might need to be completed.  The service intervals are all based on industry standards, however are fully customizable for those with a better handle on their individual needs. With flexible notification settings, you can either sit back and utilize their Automatic Component Notification System™, or take full control and create custom notification intervals.

While the initial goal was to expand knowledge regarding bike maintenance, they realized there was another void which needed to be filled.  Phase two of Ikeono will allow you to schedule bike maintenance through your local shop, track the status of your bike as it is being worked on, and know exactly when it is finished.

Current Features:
– Seamless integration with Strava to track mileage on core component groups.
– Default service intervals, and notification when components might be due for service.
– Ability to track multiple bikes and wheel sets.
– Detailed maintenance record.

Features Coming Soon:
– Ability to schedule maintenance via the app.
– Real time updates as your bike is being serviced.
– Integration with tracking platforms Garmin, TrainingPeaks, and Wahoo

As competitive triathletes and avid cyclists with busy schedules, we demand a lot from our bikes, and with Ikeono, you can rest assured that you will extend the life of your bike, prevent breakdowns, and stay at the top of your game.

Do you Strava? Join Team Colorado & win prizes!

Boulder, Colorado, USA – Mike Ricci & Jim Hallberg: D3 Multisport

Author: Bill Plock

Do you Strava? Yet another verb in our language morphing from a website (i.e. googling). Join the Team Colorado Strava group and you can be eligible to win prizes for completing the D3 Multisport segment within the Ironman Boulder bike route. The segment essentially starts at 63rd and Nelson Rd., heads West to highway 36, then North to St. Vrain and East to 65th and south back to Nelson Rd.

D3 and some of their partners including; Rudy Project, Infinit, Colorado Nutrition, Pro Bike Express, and Lock Laces will be giving away products to athletes who complete the D3 segment in the month of April. You need to join the Team Colorado Strava group to be eligible—and ride your bike between Arpil 7th and April 30th—that’s it! Click here to join

This isn’t about coveted KOM or QOM’s (king and queen of the mountain) but rather participating. Team Colorado is initiative started by Ironman Boulder to build a stronger community feel at their race in June. It’s morphing to be an inclusive group encouraging athletes to be more engaging and have fun training. All clubs, athletes, groups and individuals are welcome at events.

Most of the prizes will be given at the Team Colorado picnic scheduled for Sunday afternoon on April 30th at the Ironman office/warehouse in Louisville. There, food and beverages will be available along with some great advice from experts of D3 Multisport along with other fun events and a chance to see some of the behind the scene happenings on how a triathlon is put together. The Ironman warehouse in Boulder is the staging place for everything needed for all of their North American events. Families will be encourage to join the picnic!

Join IRONMAN’s Team Colorado



IRONMAN has announced a Team Colorado program for IRONMAN Boulder this year.  If you are already registered for the June race this year or you and a friend are still trying to decide, check out what this program can offer.


Join Team Colorado—an exclusive program for athletes who live in the state of Colorado and are registered for IRONMAN Boulder 2017. Athletes who live and train in Colorado know that it’s an endurance sports mecca filled with amenities that go hand-in-hand with training and reaching your endurance goals. From farm-to-table dining, to the challenging altitude conditions, and the friendly people in each community, triathlon training in Colorado is truly a treat. Team Colorado is intended to a build community among triathletes in the state and brings all the best aspects of training in the Centennial state together in one easy place. Plus, the program offers several added benefits specific to your IRONMAN Boulder preparation.



  • Local meet-ups with pros to train  (schedule coming soon)
  • Swag bag of Team Colorado training gear (available for pick-up at training events)
  • Strava group to track training progress
  • Featured shout out in Athlete Guide
  • Team Colorado discounts with IRONMANStore.com
  • Exclusive Team Colorado emails with meet-up and additional benefits information
  • Joining the Team Colorado Strava Group


Check out these great video clips from the 2016 race!


Race Registration here


Stay tuned, 303Triathlon will keep you up to date on all you need to know with the IRONMAN Boulder Resource page