Lookout Mountain Triathlon, a Record Broken and Good Day to Race

The Lookout Mountain triathlon last weekend had many side stories, like most any race of any kind. With COVID and safety protocols and procedures, athletes were really racing themselves more than ever with the swim start of splitting a lane with another athlete and only 12 people on deck at a time really spreading the race out. There were minimal athletes on the road and trail passing each other. Transition was roomy and very little overlap took place. 

Sophie Linn

Four athletes over the age of 80 completed this hilly race at an altitude of 7,000 feet. Also finishing was world ranked Australian ITU triathlete and former standout in track and field at the University of Michigan, 25 year old Sophie Linn. She shattered the women’s course record and finished second overall. She crushed the swim completing the 550 yards in 6:34. Coming in second to Sophie was Lakewood born and familiar finisher around here, Kirsten McCay, 48 years old and mother of a 2 year old. Jake Bamforth was the overall winner. 

Kirsten McCay (on right)

About 25 cadets from Air Force joined in the fun and overall the atmosphere was electric and vibrant despite athletes leaving the scene pretty much right when they finished.