Is running outside in all the wildfire smoke bad for you?

From 9News
By Allison Sylte

Smoke from wildfires in California and Canada is making the air tremendously hazy in Denver. Here’s what you should know if you still want to run outside.

KUSA — The best thing about running is that, unlike other things in life such as eating an entire cake, you never regret doing it once you’re finished.

But, with smoke from the wildfires out west blocking out both the sun and Colorado’s mountain views, it’s fair to wonder if it might be time to opt for an indoor workout.

The good news? Unless you have preexisting breathing problems, you likely won’t do lasting damage by getting in your run outside. That’s according to Dr. Anthony Gerber, a pulmonologist at National Jewish Health.

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“It’s pretty unlikely that a young, otherwise healthy person is going to have damage from breathing [wildfire smoke],” Gerber said.

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