Tri Coach Tuesday: Intention Process



The Intention Process is an activity that allows us to write our thoughts with conscious awareness through selecting words that accurately reflect what we intend to have in our life. It is a descriptive list in the form of an essay or letter. The minds wants to be right…so let’s give it something to be right about.

We often talk with our friends complaining how we do not have something, trying to get sympathy from anyone we talk with. This likely will result in fewer friends or maybe our friends will agree with us thus forming an unofficial club that supports a life that is not how we would like it to be including no job, little money or poor health. Instead, include your friends on your intention list. Write how you would like them to be successful in the important areas of their life. Determine what must be present in your life for you to be truly happy and fulfilled.

We must separate the performance from the performer otherwise we take on a label. We then justify or validate the label to such an extent that we begin to believe our own ‘public relations’ campaign’. We soon develop an act or a routine that cloaks who we really are. This becomes an issue when opportunities arise and our internal voice convinces us to not investigate or pursue the opportunity. Determine the code of ethics we must follow to feel good about ourself. Remember, if we fail at an event, we are not failures; if we lie, we are not liars.

Include specific material items on your list. Include how you intend to feel about what you have once you get it. Remember, it is feelings that go along with the material stuff that adds to the quality of life. If you are unfamiliar with feelings include this as being an area where you develop an interest.

If you can think about it, you can have it. If you know that it is available and you have a thought about it, if you have seen other people have it, then it is in your reality and it is available to you. An intention list is an opportunity to look at what you intend to have for yourself that you do not currently have. Everything you 1 have in your life at this time you intended to have at one time in your life, you just forgot that that you intended to have that, and forgetting or letting it go is what allowed you to have it.

Be Specific

One of the rules for an intention list is to be specific. Look precisely and clearly at what you intend to have. If you intend to have money, free and clear, state how much and that you intend to have. If you worry a lot about money and security be sure you include a statement about your financial well-being and your feeling of security. Many times the amount of money we have is never enough to give us the ongoing experience of having enough for whatever we want. It is essential that you look at each item carefully and see what you are really looking for.

It is important to go beyond what you have seen on TV or read in books as they are only pictures. Be sure to include how you feel about your performance and your level of appreciation for the the desired result. If acknowledgement or recognition is important be sure to include this. Include all of it as you must go beyond what you normally think to have what you desire.


Duration is how long you intend to have the items in your life that are listed. This is important in that sometimes it takes us so long to recognize or be aware of what we do have for ourselves that we may only have the intended item for very brief periods of time. In our unawareness we may not acknowledge that we ever had the item thus we can continue to proclaim that ‘You never get what you want, so why bother to want.’

Upon reading a returned list a student complained that she did not achieve a weight of 105 pounds. When asked if she weighed 105 pounds at any time during the past year had she looked astonished and said yes, only for one week. She forgot about adding to her list the duration or how long she was to have what she received.

Want vs. Intention

Want is very different from intention. In the example the woman was in the state of want, she still wanted to weigh a specific amount, thus, her intention was actually to want, to be in wanting, and that is what she got. When we are in wanting we will not have.

Intentions for other people

If you have an intention for another person look at from where you intention for them is coming from. If you want somebody to have something check to see whether or not they intend for themselves what you intend for them, that they be in alignment. Many times the other person is not interested in what you want for them. They are perfectly content with the attention you are giving them by their not having those things.

The only reason that you may want them to have a certain thing is to get them off your back so you do not nave to hear about it anymore. If your intentions for others come from this place keep you intentions for yourself. You may also complain about what you do not have and you may be on someone else’s intention list to get you off of their back. If your intention for others is genuine go ahead and include it. If it is not genuine do not include it.

Intend how you feel

Part of the specificity of your intention list is to look and see what you intend to have and how you are going to feel about it once you have got it. When we receive things we are not accustomed to having we become uncomfortable with having them. We feel funny about it. If you intend to be comfortable and satisfied with it and enjoy what you get be sure to include this in your writing.

Distinguish the material items from the feelings. Be aware of any thoughts that anticipate a feeling happening as a result of the material item. The item may be only be available to you under certain conditions such as size, color or cost, however feelings are always available. It is important to identify the feelings as the item will not make you feel any different, however you will always have a different feeling about each item.

Note: It is very important to not read the list or try to memorize it or try to recall what you wrote days after the writing.

Writing the intention

Begin the Intention List with the following: ‘This comes easily and harmoniously by: _______ (insert your target date here). Or, as an alternative, write the intention as being past tense, dating the intention with a future date yet writing the list as if it has already happened.

“It was great to be offered the job yesterday, I was so happy to sign the contract and the new manager was truly excited.” or “ I was very proud of myself for achieving a personal best in the race”.

Do as many lists as you want. It could be each week or each month, as other items come to mind. Once you write an item never look at it again. Do not proofread your list. This means you must be very careful with how you write each item.

Caution, regarding being specific, do not indicate how it is going to happen. The process of how is the surprise. Our notions of how things happen when crammed into our petty formulas and plans are too restrictive. Allow things to come as they come. We fear of things ‘getting out of hand’ based on our limited formulas that keep us from having what we intend to have. Have you ever looked at how small your hands are?

When you are complete with your list place it in an envelope with a sign saying: Do Not Open Until ________.

Free the mind of thoughts, then go on to the next thing in your life. All the best to you in this new year of 2018.


Shawn F. Lyons