Sasa Jovic

Colorado athletes heading to Kona!

Name: Sasa Jovic

1. What are you most excited about in competing in Kona?

Well, it is Kona.  After over 10 years of watching it on TV, we’ll be there.  It freaks me out so much, my heart rate went up just typing this.

2. What is your favorite career IRONMAN memory so far?

It was in 2014 in Klagenfurt.  I had a really hard/painful run and Aundrea (she was in the race as well, we did them all together) met me on the out and back part and we kissed.  So people around went: Aaaah.  And the official came over to tell us (everyone speaks English in Europe) that we cannot use proscribed performance enhancement substances; he was just messing with us.  He laughed, we laughed, everyone around laughed.  But my pain went away (she also gave me 2 Advils), and I RAN the second lap, and did my first close-to-13-hours race (13:14:18).

3. Is this your first time competing in Kona and if no how many other times have you done so?

First, we are both Legacy participants.  That, most likely, means the last one.  That is why I am so freaked out.

4. If someone were watching that is new to the sport, what would you tell them is the coolest thing about being a triathlete and competing in this venue?

When I started triathlons, in 2008, I would not even dare to talk to people who were Ironman; I just stared at them in awe from respectful distance.  But I badly wanted to be one.  Then, I effed up my first one, and did a bunch since to smooth over that wrinkle.  Then came Kona.  The whole decade went by, but it feels like just a couple of years.  So: Everything is possible.  Si se puede, in Cozumel.  Even for absolutely non-A types like myself.  Also, I am about 10 pounds (plus) lighter than any of my friends of similar age.  As my friend’s wife said: “Triathlons are the most constructive, meaningful and rewarding mid-life crisis.”

5. What do you think is the hardest thing about doing an IRONMAN?

Having your head straight for that long (13, 14, 15 hours for me).  Reacting to some crisis (that will inevitably happen) on the go.  Remembering that smiling during the race is more important than some effing brick workout from weeks ago.