Kona Race Week Recap: Friday

Just hours until race start… Here’s all the last-minute happenings of the day:


This morning, Khem had a few moments to catch up with the 6-time IRONMAN World Champion in Kona. “The only bad race is one you don’t learn anything from…” – Mark Allen


60 Seconds in Kona: A Look at all the Rudy Helmets – Bike Check In 


TO & Rinny at Bike Check In
TO & Rinny at Bike Check In


IRONMAN Humanitarian Athletes:  Shiz Gerami, Iran’s first female IRONMAN Trathlete and Jeff and Johnny Agar


Another compelling Colorado Athlete in Kona profile, Steve Johnson


Be sure to check out the new photos added to our Kona Race Week Album!


We attended the “Thank God I’m Not Racing Party!” hosted by Bob Babbit



303’s Khem Suthiwan continued to add to her collection of celebrity selfies – be sure to check out the album!


303’s Michelle Bandur hit the bike check-in, checking in with all the big bike stops along the lane, and bumping into some of Ironman’s first competitors from 1978!


Several 303 staffers attended the USAT brunch at Daylight Mind Cafe, enjoying a wonderful buffet and even better company… here, Michelle Bandur asks USAT CEO Rob Urbach about USAT’s role in the Ironman World Championships.


During our time at the USAT brunch we spotted the official swim course buoys being placed – Michelle and Nicole explain how they are set and the overview of the swim course:

We had the privilege of test riding the newest Ventum bikes, and caught up with founder Jimmy Seear:



Early this morning all the 303 staffers took a nice long swim along the ocean course…

Here’s a glimpse at the actual swim stairs athletes will use to both enter and exit the water:


And, Race Director for North America, Dave Christen, reports he drank 31 bottles dcof water in one day and offers these tips for spectators (“‘taters”) on race day.








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And the recap for the previous week

Simon at 106 West
Simon at 106 West

D3 Multisport’s long-time Kona contender, Simon Butterworth, had this advice for his teammates:
“This IM stuff is a journey as you know.  Tomorrow as we run thru the Hot corner we will be able to answer the question of our family’s “Are we there yet” with a big yes.
Have a great day all fulfill your dreams.  ”

Kona Digest: 7-Day Recap

Here’s a recap of all the Kona news produced by 303 over the last several days…

60-secondsWe’ve filmed & produced daily videos featuring

We continue to share many Colorado athlete profiles – 17 so far! Be sure to check out the complete list of all Colorado athletes competing.

We’ve explored the “why” behind so many athletes from Colorado achieving World Championship status.

We’ve produced many Facebook Live newscasts, including:

  • The Keiki Dip-N-Dash – Part I
  • Keiki Dip-N-Dash – Part II (older kids)

We compiled a solid list of swim tips, with an exclusive introductory video by the Voice of Ironman, Mike Reilly.

teamWe took selfies, went swimming, and had a laughter-filled dinner with Famous Dave, Ironman Boulder Race Director and North American Regional Director Dave Christen…

And the celebrity sightings are too numerous to count (be sure to check out our Facebook album for this one!)

We tried out new gadgets like power meters, and attended the Stryd Running Panel, moderated by the famous Bob Babbitt…




We handed out generous gift bags to dozens of Colorado athletes (with many more hand-offs scheduled for tomorrow morning!) – all made possible by generous Colorado company sponsors.





Here’s a fun video interview explaining all about our gift bags and introducing the 303 Team:

We attended the “Heroes of Hawai’i” ceremony and and observed the long-standing tradition of the Parade of Nations… which included some very clever team messaging!






We went running in the beautiful mountain town of Waemea and enjoyed a break from the relentless heat…









This afternoon Rinny held a press conference and 303’s questions were featured…How do you come back mentally from last year’s DNF, and what did you learn from it? (at minute 12:00) and Why do you love living and training in Boulder? (at minute 22:00).

Write ups on the Cobb Saddles Women’s event, the unveiling of the new Cervelo P5X, a ride-along with Ventum Bikes – all in the works. And the crew is still out attending Tim O’Donnell’s CLIFF party, and the Training Peaks Party! Those stories, and MANY more coming your way yet this week. Stay tuned!