Coeur one-piece tri kit review

Product Review: Coeur Women’s Triathlon Suit with Sleeves

I was excited to try out and review the new Coeur Women’s Speedsuit this season because I love the mission and attitude that Coeur promotes as a business/team. Coeur’s Mission is to make the best looking, best fitting, most functional and most comfortable women’s endurance sports clothing in the marketplace.

In case you have never heard of Coeur, here is a little bit about the name and the company

Here is what the website says about the suit I tried

Last season I started wearing a one piece race suit and had tried several before I found the one that not only fit me well, but I liked the way it looked. Since I am not a professional triathlete, triathlon is my hby and I want it to be fun. Part of being fun is having a fun race suit that brings out my personality. For me this means a lot of pink! Last season I found a sleeveless one I loved and raced all season in it.

This season I wanted to start racing in a short sleeved speedsuit, to have more coverage to protect my body from the sun and from the never ending chaffing I seem to attract onto my body anytime I train or race, so I was once again on the hunt for one that not only felt comfortable, but looked good and made me feel confident.

Early in the season I was asked to review this suit, but they didn’t have my size in stock, so I tried 4 other ones. The one that fit me the best was actually pretty boring (all black) and so I was on the lookout for something a little more exciting and fun!

I received this suit a week ago and have worn it four times.
1. 3 hour ride on the trainer on my road bike
2. 1 mile easy transition run
3. 4 hour ride on my tri bike
4. 75 minute track workout in the heat

I asked one of my women’s tri groups on facebook what they would want to know in the product review, so based on that, here is my review…

The number one thing people wanted to know was sizing. Is it true to the sizing chart? Well I looked at the sizing chart and my 4 different measurements would be 3 different sizes, so I’m not sure going by the sizing chart is the best plan. I would take what you typically wear and order that plus a size up and a size down. My measurements charted are: Bust 35 (M), Waist 28 (S), Hips 36 (S), and Thigh 20 (XS). I have a longer torso (18 inches from crotch to boob), and I am 5’7” 125 pounds. I originally ordered a SM because that’s typically what I wear, but it was too big so I ended up getting an XS. The arms, shoulders, and torso are a tiny bit loose, and the hips, butt, and thighs fit perfectly tight. The suit was very easy to get on and off, even over my hips and thighs where it was more fitted. There are also sizing videos on the website and the company offers free returns if you need another size.

The second thing people wanted to know was about comfort and chaffing, both which are HUGE for me. The material of this suit is 100% the best I have felt/found this year. It is soft and flexible and smooth and super super comfortable. The pad is fleece and small and so soft and comfortable. The seams were not an issue at all for my easily chaffed skin, even under my arms and in my crotch area.

And the final thing (important for me but no one seemed to mention it when I asked) is the way it looks. This was definitely one of the most flattering suits on me. The shorter leg length looks great on women and the pattern and colors are flattering. The suit I have is pink, which is my favorite color to race in, but they also have baby blue for those of you who aren’t into pink.

So how did it perform?

For me, overall it was very comfortable and I had no chaffing ANYWHERE during either of my rides or runs. The material is so light and soft, it felt amazing against my skin, and the pad was perfect for the road bike trainer ride and both runs. I hardly noticed it was there at all which is perfect for both running and shorter rides. Additionally during those three workouts, the legs stayed put on my thighs and weren’t too tight. The leg grippers are very soft, stayed in one place, and (very important to me) didn’t squeeze my thighs and make them look or feel like a sausage or muffin top!

In fact, for those three workouts, my ONLY 2 complaints are:
1. The zipper in the front doesn’t have a flap of material behind it so unless I am wearing a sports bra that goes up high enough on my chest to protect it, the back of the zipper digs into my chest. The sports bra I race with would not be in that spot, but the one I trained with was so that I wouldn’t get rubbed raw there
2. The back pockets for me personally are too shallow (my phone wouldn’t stay in) and too close to my spine (my spine is bony and my chapstick poked into it while biking and running).

And like I said, for running and shorter or road rides, this suit is pretty perfect.

When I did a 60 mile ride on my triathlon bike, the softer, thinner, fleece pad that made the run so comfortable, didn’t give me enough protection in my TT position in my crotch area and about 3 hours into the ride I was getting pretty uncomfortable. The only other negative I experienced during my longer ride on my tri bike was that the shorts would ride up my thighs after about 20-30 minutes of riding.

But everything else I talked about before that was positive holds true during the longer ride as well.

All in all I would rank this above average for comfort, performance, functionality, and for sure cuteness! And for the price tag ($180 compared to most which are $300-$400) it is a no-brainer when it comes to picking your race suit for this season!
Here is the website to check them out…

If you have any specific questions, feel free to email me at

Have a FUN 2017 season!