2018 IRONMAN Boulder Registration News


We wanted to make you aware of some exciting changes to the registration process for 2018 IRONMAN Boulder. IRONMAN athletes are known for their dedication to and passion for the sport, we have heard your requests and are happy to announce the following programs based on that feedback.

General registration for 2018 IRONMAN Boulder will open on Monday, June 26, 2017,  at noon, Eastern time. We have made several changes to the registration options for 2018 that we wanted you to be aware of prior to the registration open date. Additional enhancements for the 2018 race include:

  • Introduction of a Deferral Program
  • Introduction of a Payment Plan Option
  • Inventory-based Pricing

Deferral Program: We want you to commit early to your 2018 race and we’ll commit right along with you. Athletes who register within the first 90 days of general entries becoming available are eligible to defer their entry into the next year’s event at no cost. We know that training can be tough and life happens, that’s why we’re offering the deferral option to athletes who register early. All requests will be honored until 45 days out from the original event date regardless of the reason for deferral.

Payment Plan Option: This is something athletes have been asking for and we’re responding. Athletes who register within the first 90 days of general entries becoming available will have the option to pay via a three-part payment plan. Athletes opting for the payment plan may also utilize the deferral option listed above once all three payments have been completed.

Inventory-based Pricing: IRONMAN is offering inventory-based pricing for 2018 events with selected quantities of slots being offered at prices significantly lower than prior years.

For more information visit the IRONMAN Boulder site.