Tri Coach Tuesday: Winter Training Tips

by Nicole Odell, NEO Endurance Sports & Fitness



It seems that winter hasn’t quite arrived yet, as here in Colorado it still seems like the end of summer as I write this! But no doubt winter will be here and we’ll get cold temperatures and snow. I will admit, I grew up in Florida, so I had to learn a new definition of winter once I left the sunshine state. If you do live in less winter-like part of the world, we’ll be thinking of coming to visit when the blizzards hit!


For those of us who live in the “cooler” parts of the world, here are my tips for dealing with the winter weather.


Pay attention to the weather. Don’t just look at the high and low temps or general chance of precipitation, but read the hourly forecasts ( is a good resource!) so you can see what’s likely to happen throughout the day and plan your training accordingly.


Get appropriate gear for cold and wet weather. Invest in quality gear that will last a long time. If you are in snowy or rainy climate, wind and waterproof outer layers are nice. A nice technical fabric underlayer is also a good idea. Your local running and cycling stores can help, or google “winter cycling gear” and “winter running gear.” There’s a saying “there’s no bad weather, only bad clothing.” The same goes for equipment. You want to have things like winter appropriate bike tires (fat bike?) and traction devices for shoes. That said…


Safety First! If there is snow, ice, sand, gravel out on the roads, be extra cautious, and maybe stay inside if it is too much. If you are traveling to your workout destination, make sure you can get there safely. Know what you can handle and for which conditions you have gear. If you don’t feel safe, get some good tunes or videos going and knock out that workouts indoors.


Don’t forget to eat and drink. When it’s colder out, we often don’t feel thirsty or hungry. But if you’re doing a long or intense workout in the cold, you’ll still need to eat and drink. Use insulated bottles if there is a chance of your bottle freezing. Solutions (ie sports drinks) will freeze at lower temperatures than plain water. And pick nutritional items that won’t freeze or get more challenging to eat when cold.


Modify your workout. If you’re supposed to run today and ride tomorrow, but there is a good chance of “winter weather” tomorrow, swap days if you don’t want to ride indoors. It’s often easier to run outside in colder weather. If you can’t do what you want to do, try something different indoors with body weight strength training. Do stair sprints. Put on a yoga video. You can still get in some kind of workout, even if it’s not what is planned. Or just get out and play in the snow, go snowshoeing, or cross country skiing. Enjoy it!



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Tri Coach Tuesday: Planning Your Next Season



Since we are at the start of a new year, and many athletes are looking into the races and events they would like to do for the year, I thought I’d share some guidelines to go by when you start planning your race season.


Identify Your Season Goal

Typically we want to have some kind of goal each year for our event season. It might simply be to finish a marathon, or participate in a local race series. Or perhaps it’s get a personal best at a specific race. If this isn’t your first race season, what did you achieve in the previous season, and how would you like to improve?


When you finish the year or season, what do you want to say you’ve accomplished?

Once your season goal(s) is/are identified, then take a look at the following things.



Not just race entry costs, but travel, lodging, additional bike servicing, etc. You want to make sure the racing is in your budget, or there could be some unnecessary stress for you and/or your family!



Map your planned events out on a calendar with other events in your life.

Do your chosen events fit with other known dates such as work travel and vacations? You want to make sure you will feel prepared going into a race, so for example, an A race immediately after a sedentary vacation may not be a good idea.


Realistic for Training

  • Do you have the time to commit for the training and recovery needed?
  • Are you willing to put in the required training?


If you’re not sure what will be required, ask a coach!


Are your events appropriate for fitness experience?

While some people jump into a marathon or full iron-distance event their very first season, it may not be the best thing. If it’s not necessarily appropriate, but you want to do it anyway, make sure you can commit to the training and that your expectations are realistic.

Answer the question: “Why do I want to do this race?

This is important to know for every race – when you put money down for an entry, have a reason! It can just be a training race, or to race with friends, but have a reason for it.

Ask Yourself: “Do I need help reaching my season goal?” 


If you already work with a coach, they should be already involved in your goal setting process. They may not pick your events specifically, but they can help vett your choices to make sure they fit in some of the above. If you don’t, I have room in my schedule for a few more athletes. I’d love to help you this season! (contact me here)


Working through the above items and looking at your season as a whole can help make sure you have a healthy and enjoyable event season!


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Coach Nicole is a great coach.  If you’re looking for additional coaching options, check out the 303Triathlon Coaches Directory here

Weekend Preview: Try Something New

Triathlon Events

Sunday Jan 29th


USAT Winter Triathlon National Championships

St. Paul, Mn


Weather looks nice for Sunday’s race.  Hope there’s plenty of snow on the ground.

Reverse Indoor TRYathlon

Goodson Rec Center, Centennial


This race is about completion, not competition; therefore, no individual winners will be awarded.  All athletic levels are welcome.  The only perquisite is that you must be able to swim unassisted in deep water.  Ages 14 – Adults.


Monday Jan 30th


Boulder Tri Club Season Kick Off 

Colorado Multisport, Boulder



Cycling Events

Friday Jan. 27th


2017 Fat Bike World Championships

Crested Butte, Co


If you can get to Crested Butte, there’s bound to be some amazing racing happening.


Team NEO Bike MS Info Meeting

Colorado Springs


Interested in participating in the 2017 Bike MS event.  Consider joining Team NEO.


Saturday Jan 28th


2017 Fat Bike World Championships

Crested Butte, Co

USAC Fat Bike National Championships

Grand Rapids, Michigan


Blue Sky Velo New Member Meeting

Longmont Public Library



Sunday Jan. 29th


2017 Fat Bike World Championships

Crested Butte, Co


Monday Jan 30th


Boulder Junior Cycling MTB Info Meeting

Boulder Cycle Sport South, Boulder