Alison Dunlap MTB Level II Skils Clinic

Colorado Springs


Women’s Clinic

The Level II clinics are for riders that are comfortable on singletrack and regularly ride mountain bikes off-road. A Level II rider likes technical trails but may not have the skills to feel comfortable and safe. A Level II rider should be comfortable with the following skills:

  • If using clipless pedals (although not required) being able to get in and out of the pedals quickly and safely on both sides
  • Riding single track with moderate technical sections
  • Riding for 2-3 hrs at a time


A Level II rider will learn the following skills at the clinic:

  • Basic bike set-up
  • Positioning, balance, maneuvering, braking, and shifting
  • Cornering
  • Line selection
  • Enduro techniques
  • Riding up and down ledges
  • Riding off 2-3 foot drops
  • Tight exposed switchbacks with obstacles
  • Loose rocky climbs and descents
  • Cornering on loose tight singletrack
  • Off-camber cornering
  • High speed descending
  • Whoop-de-doos
  • Wheelies


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Alison Dunlap MTB Beginner Skills Clinic

Colorado Springs


Coed Clinic

Our Level I clinics are designed for the person that rode a mountain bike years ago or rides on a regular basis, but lacks the confidence and technique to feel comfortable on single track. If you’re completely new to the sport and don’t know the first thing about mountain biking, then this clinic is also for you. In the Level I clinic, riders learn the basic fundamentals of riding a mountain bike:

  • Basic bike set-up
  • Positioning, balance, maneuvering, braking and shifting
  • Mounting/dismounting your bike on steep terrain
  • Cornering
  • Riding up and down curbs
  • Climbing and descending
  • Switchbacks
  • Riding varied trail conditions


You’ll also learn about vision; how to read a trail and make quick, split-second decisions on what you can and cannot ride. We’ll also spend time on trail etiquette, safety, and basic on-trail bike repairs. You’ll leave your clinic with an arsenal of new skills, a razor sharp eye for technique, and confidence that will stay with you for years to come!

Day 1 – Monument Valley Park

Day 2 – Ute Valley Park


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Beti Bike Bash

Come and be a part of the largest women’s mountain bike event in the world at the 8th Annual Beti Bike Bash! Whether you like to ride, race or just enjoy getting outside with your friends, the Beti Bike Bash brings together the cycling community in a unique and supportive environment. The highlight of the weekend is a women’s mountain bike race catered to all levels, including juniors, the Never Ever category, all the way up to the seasoned professionals. If you want to learn more skills and gain confidence on the bike, join the VIDA MTB Series clinic on Saturday, and check out the Little Bellas for your daughter ages 8 to 13. Grab your friends, your family, and your biggest supporters for a weekend of FUN for all!

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