Holiday Gift Guide: Four Pillars of Triathlon

by Khem Suthiwan

Written by Colorado triathlon coaches Will Murray and Craig Howie, The Four Pillars of Triathlon features 26 specific, step-by-step techniques for mental conditioning to enhance your triathlon performance and enjoyment.

The Four Pillars include Imagination, Motivation, Discipline, and Recovery. All important facets to create optimal emotional states on demand, end limiting behaviors, and enhance your ability to recover from workouts and setbacks. Basically training the one thing that is a neglected weapon in every athlete’s arsenal – their minds.


According to Murray and Howie, “Succeeding at and enjoying triathlon takes four things: the imagination to picture your desires. The motivation to pursue them. The discipline to stick to it. And recovery, to make the most of your training efforts.”

Now is a great time to start the New Year and new racing season with another valuable tool in your shed – The Four Pillars of Triathlon!


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