Tri Club Tuesday: Coal Creek Tri Club

Based in Louisville, the Coal Creek Tri Club has a unique design, it’s family based.


Founder Kris Henderson moved her family to Boulder County from Scotland in 2014.  Prior to the move, the Henderson’s were involved in triathlon as a family in a club where as many as 80 KIDS showed up for 6am swim training while parents trained at the same time.


With that as inspiration, Kris did the research and developed the support and facilities to start her own ‘Family Friendly Club’ and the Coal Creek Tri Club was born.  Read about their 2016 Kick Off event here.  Their programs have been at capacity this season, with the limiting factor being pool space.  With mid week running and cycling sessions, members have weekend morning workouts where the kids swim while the adults do a land based training session and then they swap.





The kids participated in the Longmont Kids Triathlon in June and had a great time!  Check out the fun on their Facebook page.

Next season the club members will be setting their sights on and training for the Without Limits Productions famed Oktoberfest in September.




With two successful seasons now behind them, the club is looking forward to beginning another fall season.  Registration is not happening on their website HERE

In a continued effort to be involved in the community and giving back, Kris and the Coal Creek Tri Club have been instrumental in organizing the Inaugural Superior 5k that will happen on Sunday August 27.  Join them in this great event and learn more about their successful program.


With their skilled, accomplished and certified coaching staff, Coal Creek Tri Club offers some of the best coaching around.

Check out the Coal Creek Tri club:

Webpage HERE

Facebook HERE