Try a Mini Triathlon!

By JB Tobin

The Epic Mini Triathlon was created to fill a need: a lack of road triathlons anywhere in Fort Collins! Being set in such a vibrant athletic & outdoor city this event feels right at home to athletes at any level.

The short distance (450 meter pool swim | 10 mile 2.5 loop bike | 2 mile run) is very beginner friendly but also short enough to allow seasoned triathlete’s a chance to test their speed-skills limits.

The 50 meter pool at Edora Pool & Ice Center (yes, EPIC) provides some of the best swimming in the city. Athletes will start in whatever time wave they are most comfortable, chosen during registration, and snake their way through 9 lengths before hopping out and heading to transition just 50 feet away. The best part – no wetsuit!

The bike course is a fun 2.5 laps that has less than 300 ft of total elevation gain. No mega hills to climb and no lengthy course routes to memorize. Wide lane shoulders, lots of cones and plenty of volunteers help create a great bike experience.

The power line trail is closed just for us during this race. The out and back loops keeps athletes off of any public roads and allows for TONS of high fives from your fellow athletes along the way.

Watch this video to check out a bike/run course preview:

Lots of smiles, high fives and pancake breakfast options at the finish line! Not to mention some fun sponsors & vendors.

For complete race information visit:

To register, click here