Marty’s Holiday Gift List!

By Marty Rosenthal

There are a final few shopping days before the holidays and I always find myself at a loss of words when people ask me what I’d like for the holidays. So, with the help of the 303 Triathlon Community, I reached out to a few fellow triathletes of all abilities and asked……What gift would you want for the holidays both in the reasonably priced category and in the worlds the limit category? This is some of what I got……

Stephan FryeAge grouper
1. 30 min swim stroke lesson with Amy Webb, nothing’s helped me more for my weakest part of tri.
2. Cervelo P5x

Cervelo P5x

Elizabeth West – Age Grouper / Vixxen Racing
Pearl Izumi Lobster Gloves

Pearl Izumi Gloves
Keep the hands toasty warm in cold temps!

Bill PlockAge Grouper and 303er
1. Take your kid to the craft center at the YMCA in Winter Park and forget about triathlons and relax for a while….
2. Ventum One

Ventum One

Kenny WithrowAge Grouper / 5280 Elite
The Kool Tool from Bison Designs

Erin CarsonAger Grouper / ECFIT / Rally Sport
1. Siri Lindley’s Book – Surfacing
2. Training Camp in a warm place over the winter months

Siri Lindley's book Surfacing


Jen FindleyAger Grouper / 303er
I would love the time and $ for 2 sessions/week with Erin Carson. I have thought highly of her for more than 15 years and my body needs some basic attention.

Dana WillettAger Grouper / 303er
1. Toe Juice – Anti Fungal splash for after masters! Great stocking stuffer.
2. Biking Wine Tour in NZ

Eric KenneyAge Grouper / EK Endurance Coaching
Gift Certificate for training, gym membership, 1 on 1 swimming sessions.

At the end of the day, most conversations with fellow Triathletes, I find for a large or bigger gift the majority of us seem to want the trip to some far off exotic land to race and of course the perennial fastest, lightest, brand newest bike out there. Another item that repeats itself over and over again is help with training. Be it swim lessons, Tri Coaching, personal fitness or nutritional help. Rounding off high on the list was recovery items such as massages and recovery boots.

I don’t know, I still have trouble, thinking about just what would be that perfect gift for me. We’ve been given a lot of great ideas in this article. But for me I guess and I am not sure how to wrap it, I would want for myself and to be able to give to other triathletes a season that is injury free and finding a simple reason to smile while we are out there training and racing. Happy Holidays!

More Great Gift Ideas From Rudy Project

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The holidays are right around the corner, and Rudy Project is here to show you the latest and greatest gear for the athlete in your life.  With so many wonderful products to share, this post will highlight helmets and transition gear.  Watch for more great gift ideas from Rudy.


Here are our best helmet picks for the 2016 Holiday Season.




Why it rocks: Crafted in Italy’s famous Pininfarina wind tunnel with the aid of aerodynamics guru John Cobb, the Boost 01 is Rudy Project’s first-ever road aero helmet. Incorporating many advances in fluid dynamics which has made Rudy Project a staple in the aero / TT helmet world, the Boost 01 is a technological marvel. Featuring 10 vents to assure superior ventilation and a forward placed aerodynamic pressure zone to reduce neck torque, riders can go further, harder and in more intense heat while maintaining superior drag reduction. Lightweight and compact weighing in less than 10 ounces, the Boost 01 is unmistakably Rudy Project.

Who to buy it for: The aero athlete that never settles for less than the best.



STERLINGStand Out. Be Seen. Be Safe.

The Sterling was designed with the aid of an Italian hat craftsman to provide the utmost in comfort & safety. 18 vents assure you’re properly cooled while the RSR7 retention system provides on-the-fly, single-handed adjustment. The Sterling is available in number of bright fluo colors and comes with a removable bug net and visor. This is a helmet loved by cyclists all over the world at all ability levels. We recommend Yellow Fluo for men and Pink Fluo for women. Comes with an optional visor.

Who to buy it for: The road racer with style.



Why it rocks: The Wing57 is the reason Rudy Project has won #1 Aero / TT helmet of the IRONMAN® World Championship in Kona for the last six consecutive years. A breakthrough of scientific research, the Wing57 utilizes multiple new technologies including a fully integrated and removable optical shield, a dorsal ridge to change lateral wind force into forward momentum, and the new patented Vortex Killer System which straightens tail air flow and significantly reduces drag.

Who to buy it for:  The triathlete who just needs to shave a few more minutes off to qualify for Kona.


Transition Gear



TRANSITION 46The Triathlete’s Toolbox

Winner of Triathlete Magazine’s 2015 ‘Best in Class’ award, this all-in-one bag is available in two slick colors, and can be changed from duffel to backpack with the switch of a strap. Equipped with 270 degrees of broad storage access, the Transition 46 contains a hidden helmet holder with adjustable straps, a padded protective eyewear pocket, and a ventilated shoe compartment. This triathlete toolbox also includes a waterproof bottom ideal for wetsuit storage, and three additional drawstring bags labeled for swimming, biking, and post-race apparel. Most importantly, the front pocket features a transparent ID window and race day checklist, so you’ll never leave gear at home again.

Who to buy it for:  The athlete that loves to be organized. Or needs to be more organized.


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