Aquaman Series Under New Ownership

You may have heard, over this past winter, the Denver Aquaman Series changed hands.


Candy Panigutti Newby, series creator, longtime owner and race director, shared this,

“I started the Aquaman Swim Run series back in 2009 as a way to give back to the swimming community that I had grown up in. I wanted a chance for Denver area athletes to grow in love with a sport that gave me so much joy. That first year we started with 40 athletes, a couple of clipboards and 2 stopwatches. There was a sand berm just under the surface of the water in the middle of the course that swimmers had to walk over to continue on. Seeing that sparked the idea to add an actual run course the following year. Over the years, we added food sponsors, a run event, grew exponentially in size, and got the opportunity to be a part of many athletes summer experiences. We saw our athletes young and old accomplish many great things; from a swim across Catalina channel, Ironman finishers, personal bests, year round simmers experiencing a new challenge and first timers gaining confidence in the open water to compete in their first triathlon. Through all of this, you have become a part of the Aquaman family. I have enjoyed spending my Tuesday nights with you and watching all your friendly competition and achievements. ”


Candy passed the baton to Tri-Animal Endurance owner and coach, George Cespedes.


“George is the friendly guy that has been checking you in at the pre-registration line and then racing alongside in wave 1 as a 2 mile swimmer. His children have probably body marked you and guided you along the run course. I know he will keep all the aspects of the series that you love and will continue to make improvements that ensure the series will be an even better experience for you going forward. I will be working alongside of him through the winter to ensure a smooth transition and through the first event. After that, maybe you will see me lining up next to you at the start line.”


George shared with 303:

“I can’t tell you how excited I am, well nervous and excited. As Candy mentioned I have been volunteering at Aquaman for the last three years. Driving up to Denver with my kids was a great bonding experience for us. Also watching them help out and grow up as been pretty awesome. When Candy first approached me last year I jumped at the opportunity. Aquaman is more than just a race to me. It is like a family. I have shared pizzas with and made great friends with many people through Aquaman. My hope is to keep it a family friendly atmosphere and to use it as a vechicle to introduce many swimmers to our great sport of triathlon. I can’t tell you how happy and proud I am that Candy trusted me with this.”


This year’s Aquaman Series will begin in mid June and run into August.  Mark the dates on your calendars.  All race details and registration can be found here


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Aquaman Series

Swim Beach at Cherry Creek State Park, Aurora


Denver’s favorite Summer Series is ready to roll for 2017! The AQUAMAN Open Water Swim and Aquathlon Series is the perfect opportunity for swimmers and triathletes of all ages and abilities to practice their open water swimming in a fun, competitive environment and at distances not previously offered at other venues. It’s also the perfect opportunity for triathletes to practice their open water pacing and swimming in a mass start format with the bonus of an added 5K run. After each race you’ll have a chance to relax, kick back with friends, and enjoy the post race food and drinks.

The race package allows you to show up for any date you like until all races in your package have been used.Your race numbers will always be waiting for you at the pre-registered check-in. It is the most affordable and flexible way to race!

There are seven events every week. Four swim only events half mile, mile, mile and a half and two mile, There are two swim/run events half mile swim and 5K, one mile swim and 5K, and there is also a stand alone 5K run. The races are sent off in waves the first wave at 6:30 has the 2 mile swimmers and the one mile swim 5K runners, the second wave is the half mile swim and 5 K and the final wave has all the swim only races that is also when the 5K run will begin.

Event details and registration here


Tuesdays June 20- August 1, excluding July 4

August 8, rain date