Why Cyclocross is excellent off season training for Triathletes

From Training Peaks “Four Sports you should do in the off season


According to the website Cyclova, it is believed that cyclocross originated in the autumn, in the French countryside. Racers riding from one town to another would take shortcuts through farmer’s fields, jumping over fences with an eye on the church steeple marking the next town. During this time, the sport was called “steeple chasing.”

Long accepted as a way for road racers to stay fit in the off-season, cyclocross isn’t much of a cross training stretch for road racers. More recently, mountain bikers and triathletes can be found toeing the start line at a “cross” race.

The sport offers the challenge of riding a bike in mud, sand and grass. Combine that with obstacles and steep uphill sections that require bike carrying, this multi-lap sport is fun for racers and spectators alike.

Most races are some 30 to 60 minutes long, with the leg-searing intensity many racers savor. Fun, variety, challenge and bad weather conditions draw endurance junkies who don’t want to give up intensity in the off-season.

When participating in cross, it is best to leave any heavy weight training until after the season is over. Cut down the long rides that you’ve been doing all season and include these short, fast races instead.

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Weekend Preview: Enjoy the weekend

Triathlon Events

Thursday November 9th


Women’s Beginner Bike Maintenance


Sunday November 12th


USAT Aquabike National Championships


USAT Long Course Triathlon National Championships


Cycling Events

Thursday November 9th


Women’s Beginner Bike Maintenance


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Wish for Wheels Gala


Saturday November 11th


Cross of the North

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Zwift on Tour: Denver


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Fat Fest: Fat Bike Season Kick Off


Cross of the North

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Lance Panigutti on Why Triathletes Should Try Cyclocross

By Bill Plock

Rich Soares with 303Radio interviews Lance Panigutti, owner of Without Limits Productions, who is known for triathlon events across the Front Range. Once triathlon season is over, Lance and his team remain busy with a host of cyclocross events throughout the Front Range beginning this weekend.

Photo from fascatcoaching.com

“Cyclocross bikes are really the result of a road bike and a mountain bike having a baby”, according to Lance. But, in this podcast Lance goes on to assure listeners wanting to try cyclocross that using a mountain bike is perfectly fine, buying an inexpensive cyclocross bike is adequate because the atmosphere is a welcoming one that makes it ok to feel like a beginner.

Racing on dirt, in grass, negotiating obstacles like steps and low hurdles, sometimes in mud, snow or inclement weather makes it just that much more fun. The races are short, easy to spectate and generally they circle a spectator area that is the perfect place to hang out and have a beer and get to know everyone.

According to marketing manager of Feedback Sports and the biggest advocate on the planet of cyclocross, Katie Macarelli, “it is arguably the most user-friendly discipline of racing to get into. If you are a roadie, you bring an engine and pack skills. If you are an MTB’er your technical skills are solid and you’ll excel on short punch climbs and short bursts of effort. If you are a commuter you race an urban version all the time with lights, cars and curbs. Anyone can jump in! It’s just 40 minutes long. Minimal training time and time away from real life and family. Plus the community is like no other. Friendly. With beer!”

Lance adds that triathletes, which make up about 20% of the field usually, come in very fit from the season and cyclocross is a way to keep competing and having fun and trying some new things on a bike.

It seems this is the venue to try for something fun and different, safe and unintimidating. There are numerous clinics and many races to choose from! In fact, there’s a free Intro to Cyclocross Party for women at the Feedback Sports headquarters in Golden tonight (September 7th). Click here for more details.

Inspired Training Center Cyclocross Workshop Series
Boulder Cycle Sport Weekly Thursday Cyclocross Clinics
FasCat Coaching CX Camp

Check out the Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado website for CX races. Here is a list of a few races you should check out:
Without Limits – September through December
Back 2 Basics CX – August 23rd – September 27th (Wednesday evenings)
SchoolYard Cross – October 21st

Listen to the podcast interview here

Triathlete to CX racer in one day!

by Dean Maruna

img_1701After the season ends, we are all ready for a break, mentally more so than physically. Mentally most of us build for that one race typically August/September time frame so that we have all summer to build and fine tune our body. Once the race is done, no matter the outcome, we need to let the emotions of the season the run their course and relax on the constant questioning about our physical state. Physically, our body is used to the workload, and wants to keep going. Here is where a good solid off-season plan comes into play. It starts with keeping the muscles working while more importantly letting the mind recover.

img_1667After having had a couple weeks of down time since my final race of the year, and some nagging teammates I decided to jump into a cyclo-cross race (Mind you, the last time I did one, I was on the start line with Davis Phinney 30-something years ago).
My goals for the race were:

1. Have funimg_1684
2. Do NOT get injured
3. Get some sort of workout

First and foremost, I had a blast! I made it about half way through the first lap before I fell,(the first of many) but that made me realize that I wasn’t going to kill myself and I’d be ok. At that point the worry stopped and I really started having fun! Other than a few scrapes and minor bruises I came out unscathed. Just a new refreshed mindset to getting back into the training routine.

Right after the race, just like Tri’s, everyone talks about their experience, swapping war stories, laughing and taking notes for next time. My feet were freezing so I call it a day and went home to a hot shower. Wow what a killer workout! Interesting thing was I remember running up the hills getting out of breath, jumping back on the bike and riding to the next hill, but damn my legs are sore.