Training with Heart and Power

While here in Kailua-Kona, HI for IRONMAN World Championships, I’ve had the opportunity to do a little product testing.
I hooked up with Reg and Kebby of Coeur Sports and Gus of Stryd Running. Coeur Sports provided me with this beautiful tri kit and Stryd Running with one of their new running power meters.

With product in hand, we headed north to Waimea for a run. What a beautiful place Waimea is. Just about an hour from Kona, we went from sea level and high temperatures to a run start elevation of 1500 feet and 70 degrees. The terrain is lush and green and good for raising cattle apparently as we saw many.

The tri kit I wore was the Limited Edition Women’s Triathlon Shorts and top in Kona Design. The fit was great, snug but not too snug. Both the top and the shorts have plenty of pockets to stash fuel and a phone. I probably could have stuck a smaller water bottle in a pocket too. The shorts have a great grip strip keeping the bottom edge of the shorts in place. We covered about 12 miles on our run in the cooler but still humid environment of Waimea, Hi. We climbed about 1500 feet during our run and I had no chaffing or hot spots from any part of the top or shorts.

Also on my run, I used the Stryd Running Power Meter. The first power meter developed for running.

The power meter is super easy to use. The device snaps into the heart rate strap that I already use for my Garmin. I paired it with my watch for HR. In order to view the power data while you’re running, you have to have your watch in bike mode and pair it for power. After you’re all paired, start your watch and go run. Once you have a couple of sessions under your belt you can start evaluating your data to help dial in your efficiency and maximize your power for optimal performance.

Stryd determines power independently of heart rate, based on your body’s motion and the slope of the ground. That means the power number responds immediately to changes in training intensity and doesn’t depend on temperature.

Power meters would give runners a means of measuring just how efficient their stride is, which could result in a huge boost in performance.
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Tip of the day relax going up hill and run fast going down, don’t push the hill and save power, relaxing down a hill actually causes you to brake and increase power–more energy