Winter Multisport: Biathlon

Photo caption: Photo by Valerie Eipper

Have you ever considered an off-season multisport? Maybe a run-bike-run duathlon? Or a combination skiing-shooting biathlon? Colorado hosts a variety of traditional and non-traditional events, taking many forms… But the traditional sport of Biathlon consists of Nordic skiing and shooting/rifle marksmanship.

The Biathlon series at Snow Mountain Ranch is hosted by the Colorado Biathlon Club and takes place once a month through the winter.
Both junior and senior categories are offered.

In the summer the Colorado Biathlon Club hosts a warm-weather biathlon, consisting of mountain biking and shooting, or running and shooting. Be sure to check out 303 Ambassador Sasha Underwood’s story on the experience, “Guns-N-Heartrates”

The next winter biathlon at Snow Mountain Ranch is in February: