Colin Laughery, “This Guy Is Not Afraid to Be Vulnerable”, Learn More on This Podcast

When co-hosts Bill Plock and Rich Soares discussed how pro athletes, in general, besides people and an athlete, are in some ways a brand. They discussed this and pondered if Colin Laughery’s tradition of racing Ironman’s in a speedo is his brand? Bill suggested that’s it not the speedo per say, but that perhaps wearing a speedo reflects that Colin isn’t afraid to be vulnerable? So maybe his brand is he is “not be afraid to put it on the line?” In this podcasts he reveals some very personal things that only a person not afraid to be vulnerable would say. Have a listen!

Colin’s Interview, click HERE

Next weeks guest in legendary skier Chris Anthony. Chris starred for Warren Miller for 20 years. He grew up in Denver and lives in Vail. Over the years he became engrossed in the 10th Mountain Division and has embarked on journey to tell that story in a documentary about the famed Army Division who had major influences on the skiing and outdoors sports.

Chris shares his cycling background where he was a pro before turning to skiing and became good friends with Greg Lemond. Fun story there!

Get to Know The Man Wearing the Speedo; Colin Laughery

In our second installment of “303 Garage Talk” we chatted with Pro Triathlete and Boulder Native Colin Laughery to get his take on current events, his training and how will miss the Bolder Boulder more than most anything–he has raced it every year since he was five.

Check it out here: about 20 minutes long:

IRONMAN Boulder “Flatiron War” on Sunday, what a possible farewell!

By Bill Plock

The infamous “Iron War” in 1989 between Dave Scott and Mark Allen at the IRONMAN World championship in Kona is considered one of the greatest endurance races of all time. But this years IRONMAN Boulder is shaping up to have it’s own legendary finish in the pro’s race and what better way to possibly celebrate the last six years of this race? The “Flat Iron War” is about to begin, buckle up!

Tim O’Donnell

There are any number of pros with a good shot to win, but tomorrow, six pro men and two pro women who live and train in Boulder will battle it out. Three of them, Tim O’Donnell , Justin Daerr and Danielle Mack have won IRONMAN Boulder.

Also competing is two time Olympian, top five finisher in Kona, Tyler Butterfield. Now add in a rising star, Boulder native, Sam Long who has won two 70.3’s this year (Victoria just a week ago) with the other Boulder native and “speedo man” Colin Laughery (303 video) and his contagious love of triathlon with Kennett Peterson (303 video) making his pro debut tomorrow and we have the unofficial “Flat Iron War”.

In the women’s race, local pro and Boulder native, 2014 Ironman Boulder Champion Danielle Mack will battle it out with Boulder’s Lesley Smith (303video) in what will surely be a great competition on this final stage.

This will be a fun race to watch. Click on their names to go to their websites and learn more about these amazing athletes!

Locally Grown: Colin Laughery 303TV

By Kenny Withrow

We get an inside look into what a typical training day looks like for Colin Laughery. Colin is a mentor for “At Risk” kids at a local Middle School. Before and after work, Colin has to find the time to keep up with his training schedule as a Professional Triathlete.