60 Seconds in Kona Day 7: To the Coffee Boat!

It’s been a week already! Day 7 of “60 Seconds in Kona” is brought to you by Coeur Sports – A swim out to the Coffee Boat us a must!


Video by 303’s Kenny Withrow

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Coeur Sports unveils slick new Zele cycling kit

Michelle Bandur models the new Coeur Sports Zela kit with bib shorts and speed-bending dimpled fabric…

By 303 Ambassador Michelle Bandur

I have to admit something. I’ve made judgments about bib cycling shorts strictly based on appearance. I mean, c’mon, they look funny, especially without the bike jersey. They look like a wrestler’s one-piece, tight uniform that should be worn only on a mat in a gym, not on a bike on the road. And the only cyclists I’ve seen wearing bibs are those sleek, super fast guys.

So when 303 Triathlon asked me to review Coeur’s Zele Women’s Performance Zip Cycling Bib Shorts, I was intrigued and willing to throw my previous notions into the wind and take them for a ride.

First, let me describe the tag attached to the bibs. “In your hands now is a new kind of cutting edge women’s performance garment. Zele pieces are made of speed-bending dimpled fabric to make you go faster without extra effort. And yes, it is beautiful as well.” After putting on the Coeur Kit, I have admit, I felt fast! I thought, “Now I’m one of those sleek, super fast cycling guys!”

Sure the kit looks good, but what about the new performance fabric? It lived up to the description. It’s soft, comfortable and not restrictive. Now I understand why some cyclists like bib shorts. There is no waistband to cut into your gut and force your fat over the band. The bib shorts hold in everything. It’s one less thing to worry about on your ride.

The comfort of the fabric continued on the ride. No bunching or chafing with it, instead the fabric moved with my muscles, allowing me to focus on my performance and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

I wondered about stopping for a bathroom break and the inconvenience of removing the bibs. Coeur came up with a savvy solution. A zipper runs the full length of the shorts on the side. It’s easy to get in and out of when nature calls. However, if you don’t make sure the zipper is secure at the bottom, it will unzip as you ride. Luckily, I caught it before I exposed anything.

I left my judgments about bib cycling shorts out on the road and thoroughly enjoyed the ride. Zele, by the way, in French means, “excessive zeal and ardor.” Fitting for this fabric.

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