5 great stories, athletes and inspirations at Newton, 2pm Friday

By Bill Plock

In one place, at one time, you will have a chance to hear about five amazing people, how they approach life, triathlons, and how they shape the experiences of fellow athletes and fans. Maybe there will be some good tips for those racing Sunday! Newton Running is hosting this opportunity to hear these stories at 2pm at their store at 3655 Frontier Ave, Boulder, CO 80301

The panel of athletes includes:

Craig Alexander, three-time world IRONMAN World Champion. Learn about his path and what’s it’s like to win it all.

Chris McDonald, multi-time Ironman champion and founder of Big Sexy Racing. Learn about his journey to becoming a champion and who he transformed himself and wanted to inspire others.

The Pease brothers–the team of brothers who conquered Kona last year. Kyle has cerebral palsy and Brent pulls him in the swim, on bike trailer and pushes him in the run. Check out this ARTICLE

Andrea Ramos, from Mexico and of “Mortal Athlete” is part of a movement to involve others in sport and share her passion.

Newton’s own Andrew Maxwell will lead the panel and there will be time for some Q & A. I asked Andrew what he most hopes to learn tomorrow and he said, “I want to really find out their why and what legacy they hope to leave behind in this sport we all love.”

Should be fun, and there will be some prizes and raffles, get there early!

303Radio Interviews Chris McDonald of Big Sexy Racing – headed to Kona for the 8th time

By Rich Soares

Chris McDonald of Big Sexy Racing is heading to the Ironman World Championship in Kailua Kona for the 8th time this year.

I had a chance to talk with Chris and Brandt Beal about the partnership between Big Sexy Racing and Indur, a results-based health system that launched earlier this year.

“Indur is a wellness from the inside-out platform,” as Brandt explains. Indur analyzes a comprehensive blood panel and then uses their proprietary robust analytical tool to provide customized advice and give individuals customized plans for improving their health. “For athletes, we’re looking to optimize the performance that they can get out of their body.”

Indur tests give athletes insights into how to improve their metabolism, boost energy, sleep better, build muscle and more. Indur helps individuals transform themselves from a health perspective and the partnership with Chris “really made sense for us at Indur.”

Prior to becoming a professional triathlete, Chris explains, “I was a 260-pound construction working in New Zealand eating pies and sausage rolls.” Inspired by his brother, Chris jumped into triathlon and was encouraged by the transformation that took place over the course of six Ironman races as an amateur.

Now as a professional Chris’outlook has evolved. “Performance is something that I depend on for my livelihood. I’m looking for a 1% advantage over my competition. if I can get a ¼ % edge on my electrolytes, sleep and recovery, it all adds up.”

With his Indur partnership in place, Chris heads to Kona with confidence that his body is dialed in. “This year’s approach to Kona is about keeping normality as close to the race as possible.” He’s learned over time how to acclimate to the heat with specific heat protocols while living and training in Colorado.

Go Big Sexy!

Rich Soares, 303Triathlon

Nicole DeBoom Back in the Saddle at The Peak – Review of Triathlon Rules & Regs

Check out this video! The Former Pro (Nicole DeBoom) & The Real Life Rockstar (Jen Szabo) review Triathlon rules & regs as Nicole prepares to do the Boulder Peak Tri 13 years after the last time she did it. Special guest appearance by The Current Pro aka Big Sexy (Chris McDonald).