Callum Millward / Cupcake Cartel: Traveling with Your Bike – pool noodles & floor mats!

The 2018 Triathlon season has begun in other parts of the world, and now is the time to prepare ahead of time – especially if you are traveling with your bike. Here, Callum Millward of the famous Cupcake Cartel shares his pro tips for packing up your bike… good stuff!

Part-time Boulder resident Callum Millward nabs final Kona slot

Photo: 303Triathlon
Photo: 303Triathlon

From Ironman
The last man to qualify for Hawaii is hoping he has learned his lesson the second time around.

by Ian Hepenstall

Likeable New Zealander Callum Millward, arguably better known for his “Cupcakes With Cal” videos than his reputation at the sport’s ultimate distance, knows Kona is no cakewalk.

Millward secured the final spot in the field for October’s IRONMAN World Championship after failing to finish his Kona debut in 2015. The 33-year-old racked up a bunch of IRONMAN 70.3 wins and podiums before stepping up to IRONMAN. Last year, he earned his way to Kona with a sixth place at IRONMAN Melbourne and a second behind Andy Potts at IRONMAN Coeur d’Alene.

It proved a painful but not atypical introduction to the Big Island—failing to finish after paying his dues like so many before along the Queen K. This year, a third place finish at New Zealand and 10th at Texas saw him sneak into the field for Kona this year. Moreover, he says his experiences there last year have only made him that much better.

IRONMAN: What was the first thing to hit you when you arrived in Kona?

Millward: It’s cliché I know, but the heat from the get-go. Getting used to it is difficult. Second is the wind especially on the Queen K where it’s just relentless.

Was anything different from what you expected?

I went there the year before to do my Cupcakes With Cal videos, so I had an insight of what it was like which softened the blow. There was nothing else that surprised me—I expected the conditions, I knew it would be crazy. And a world championship is different especially in a small community where they get behind it.

How long does it take to get used to the heat?

I am not sure physiologically but mentally for me only a few days. Coming from my base in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, it’s not too dissimilar in humidity and so not too difficult for me. I know some people do sauna sessions to help with that preparation.

Did you make any rookie errors last year?…