Tri Boulder Race Recap

By Kirsten Smith

Photo by Ashley Wilkinson

The BBSC Tri Boulder race at the Boulder Rez this year was a huge success! Not only was the weather perfect, the water smooth as glass, the temps only moderately hot, and barely any wind, but PRs and a great time was had by almost every athlete I talked to after the race!!

The only complaints I heard were no shade on the run, couldn’t see buoys because we swam straight into the sun, the aid station on the bike was on a downhill so it was hard to gab bottles at high speed, no actual awards for podium finishers, and packet pick up should have been Friday in Denver and then Saturday in Boulder since most people coming into town only came one day in advance.

People loved the finisher’s medal, post-race food, support, volunteers, beginner wave, and low key feel for the race. The thing most people talked about was how fast and fun the bike course was. The roads in Boulder are all pretty fast and smooth. Parking on race morning was easy and there were lots of activities for spectators and families to do during the race.

Photo by Bill Plock

The courses for both the sprint and the Olympic races are very familiar to most local Colorado triathletes so it’s nice to be able to come in and race hard and compare times and progress to other races on the same or very similar courses.

I had several clients who did the race this year and all either PRd or made the podium. All walked away happy with their result.
This was my 2nd year doing this race and I had a lot of fun racing with so many local triathletes. I was only one minute slower than my goal and I blame it on the sun. It was so bright at the start I swam to the wrong buoy near the turnaround so I added 1-2 minutes on my swim. Other than that I had a great race! I love racing at the Boulder Reservoir and can’t wait to do their next race in Boulder on August 26th, register here and I will see you there!!!

BBSC has triathlons, duathlons, and running races in Boulder, CO, St. George, UT, and Las Vegas, NV. Check out their race schedule here

Boulder Race Director Who Lost Legs After Accident Returns To The Gym

craig-towler-workoutUpdate on Craig Towler, Boulder race coordinator, on his recovery since losing both legs when he was hit by a drunk/distracted driver last summer.

From CBS4

If anyone knows life can change in a moment’s notice, it’s Craig Towler. The Boulder man lost his legs when an accused intoxicated, distracted driver hit him. For the first time since the accident Towler spoke to CBS4’s Jennifer Brice.

“Your body is such an amazing tool,” said Towler.

It’s a tool the 29-year old has leveraged his whole life.

He enjoys hiking, biking, races and being outdoors. Towler believes if you treat your body right, “You can watch yourself get stronger.”

LINK: Gofundme Page To Help Craig Towler

Stronger … that’s a word with a lot more meaning these days. Towler and I began to talk about the accident that took his legs.

It was the Fourth of July. Towler was on foot in front of his home when a driver hit him from behind.

Towler was pinned between two cars.

“After I felt the impact I was still conscious,” said Towler. “I looked down at that point and I knew it was severe.”

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