Sarah Thomas Closes in on Record 4-Time Swim Across English Channel 2 Years After Cancer Diagnosis

By Phil Boucher, People

American Sarah Thomas is on the verge of achieving the seemingly impossible: swimming the English Channel four times, non-stop.

The Denver, Colorado athlete is midway through the fourth leg of her epic swim — a feat that is itself a record — having been in the waters between England and northern France since midnight Saturday. By the time she hits the shores of Kent, England late on Monday, it’s expected that Thomas will have swum non-stop for around 50 hours.

“It’s just incredible,” says swim expert Jonathan Cowie from Outdoor Swimmer magazine. “It’s just an epic, epic swim.” (To track her progress, click here.)

More remarkable still, Thomas, 37, is a cancer survivor, having been diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer in November 2017.

Throughout her treatment — which included chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation — she used the goal of becoming the first person to complete the 84-mile English Channel quadruple as inspiration.

“I’ve been waiting for this swim for over 2 years now and have fought so hard to get here,” Thomas posted on Facebook ahead of her swim.

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