Road to Kona Through Boulder: Amy Part II

By Bill Plock

In part two of “getting to know” Amy Mosser Romero, she talks a little more about racingAmy M-R Chatanooga finish in Kona and gives us a glimpse of the “sweet side” of her personality. I asked her how the tough, short turn-around time between Ironman Boulder and Kona is going and she seemed pleased to feel as good as she does after completing a hundred mile ride on Thursday of this week—only 4 weeks removed from IM Boulder. She admits it’s tricky to know how to balance the need to recover with the need to keep training to at her best for Kona.

Four weeks from today she will be competing with the best triathletes in the world in Kona. Monday she will meet the defending champion, Mirinda Carfrae and 303triathlon will interview both of them at Audi Boulder as they start their final pushes to race day. We will be offering you the exclusive video interview between the two of them soon so stay tuned.

In the meantime a little more about Amy:

Red wine or white?

Red wine

Dark or milk chocolate?

dark chocolate

Shimano or SRAM, Zipp or … ?

Shimano, Reynolds

Visor or hat?

no hat or visor

Do you reward yourself with treats that maybe you wouldn’t otherwise indulge in?

Occasional cake and gummy bears (favorite candy)

Who is your favorite athlete (any sport)? Why?

Peyton Manning, he’s overcome injury and persevered. Plus he’s got a great sense of humor. And a few others – Chrissie Wellington and Rinny (of course), Joan Benoit, she was my hero in high school.

Stacia, Amy M-R Loveland Pass

In thinking about you vs. Rinny, maybe besides genetics and age, what do you anticipate the biggest differences are in your training and what do you most hope to learn or experience from her?

As a pro, I think she likely has more time to focus on recovery. I’d love to hear her recovery tips.
I’d like to hear her thoughts on the mental aspect of training and racing. It would also be interesting to learn more about how her workouts are structured, i.e. how many weeks does she build, does she take rest days, thoughts on the long run, etc.

What are you looking forward to most in Kona?

Racing again with my good friend and training partner, Stacia. She also qualified in Boulder. We’ve trained together all year so qualifying together is really special. My husband and parents are also going so it will be a fun trip.

What do your parents think of all of this? Will they be in Kona?

My parents are incredibly proud. They have both probably told everyone they know that I’m going to Kona. They’ve also been telling strangers. They will be in Kona. They were at my first Ironman in Canada, they were in Tahoe last year for the race that didn’t happen and they were all over the Boulder course. They are my biggest supporters.

What is your favorite training ride? Run? Open water swim?

I love running the highline in the morning as the sun rises. The Bluffs (in Lone Tree) is another favorite run. My dog likes to walk that one. High grade is a favorite training ride. Also the ride from Boulder to Carter lake is fun. Up to Jamestown is good too. I also like the old Elephant Rock course and the ride to Palmer Lake. Swimming at Grant Ranch early mornings and watching the sun rise has been pretty cool this summer.

For next time….

Tell us about your favorite training nutrition… And, what is the first thing your eat or drink after training or racing?

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