Research Participants Needed

My name is Todd Buckingham and I am a triathlete and PhD student at Michigan State. I’m doing my dissertation on triathletes and specifically, I’m looking at the variables our Garmin multisport watch measures.


It can be difficult for triathletes to tell what’s actually important to pay attention to with all the data the watch provides. This is why I am trying to see if any of the factors measured by the watch correlate with faster finish times in each of the three disciplines.

All the athletes have to do is take a short survey after completing an Olympic distance triathlon with his/her multisport watch. It can be ANY Oly race, anywhere! After wearing the watch during the race and pushing the ‘lap’ button after each discipline, they just have to copy the link to his/her data from Garmin Connect and paste it to the end of the survey.


Here is a link to Todd’s research website that has all of the details and instructions.


Here’s a link to Todd’s blog page

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