Paul Dauber

1. What are you most excited about in competing in Kona?

This is my 5th time in Kona.  I have one memorable and regrettable DNF that always motivates me.  Everything about Kona is special.  It is the world series of triathlon.  Chance to be on the same course with the best of the best.  Incredible environment.  Special history.  Great people.  It is a privilege to be out there and so I always savor every moment.

2. What is your favorite career IRONMAN memory so far?

In the “old days,” you were allowed to cross the finish line with your kids.  In the inaugural Ironman Louisville in 2007, I carried one of my daughters (Chloe) across the line while holding hands with the other daughter (Rosie).  We were all laughing and happy.

3. Is this your first time competing in Kona and if no how many other times have you done so?

4-timer going on 5.

4. If someone were watching that is new to the sport, what would you tell them is the coolest thing about being a triathlete and competing in this venue?

It’s everything you did when you were a kid, but more fun as an adult…..what else was there to do….swim a little, bike to and from and then run around with your friends.

5. What do you think is the hardest thing about doing an IRONMAN?

Late-stage training is always the hardest thing.  And then on the course, not giving in to the demons that inevitably come.

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