• Body Work: Are You Scheduled?

    Submitted by 303Triathlon on July 16th, 2014

    I always look forward to my massage and acupuncture appointments. It’s that carrot that dangles after a long run or at the end of a couple of weeks of build. I have enjoyed my sessions for many years and try to schedule appointments out several months in advance, if I can, based on my training and racing schedule and my providers schedules. I’m happy to say they are very good at what they do and book out with “regulars”. Read more

    • Body Work: When to Schedule Pre/Post Race Sessions

      Submitted by Aaron Adams on July 14th, 2014

      By Dr. Donna Fleitz Mitchell Many athletes struggle with ‘when and what type of bodywork’ to utilize prior to their event. The science says that it takes about two weeksRead More

      • Ironman Boulder Transportation Logistics

        Submitted by 303Triathlon on July 14th, 2014

        By now most athletes are well aware of the unique transportation logistics for Ironman Boulder. (Read the complete story on shuttles here.) In addition to describing the prescribed comings andRead More

        • Ironman Boulder Friday Night Welcome Ceremony

          Submitted by 303Triathlon on July 14th, 2014

          On Friday night we have a welcome ceremony that is open and free to all including the general public. This will take place in the West lawn of the Boulder high School at 7:30 PM. We will have live music prior to the ceremony by the world famous “IRON BAND” who will amuse you with their triathlon specific music. Read more