• Bacteria will NOT be a probem for Sunday’s Ironman Boulder

    Submitted by 303Triathlon on July 30th, 2014

    From the Daily Camera: Triathletes competing in the Ironman Boulder this weekend can breathe a sigh of relief. The results from Monday’s water test at Boulder Reservoir are in, and bacteria levels are well below the threshold that would require officials to shut down the swim beach. Competitors in Sunday’s inaugural Boulder Ironman triathlon worriedRead More

    • Ironman Boulder Logistics: Step-by-Step videos with maps & narrative

      Submitted by 303Triathlon on July 28th, 2014

      Check out these three videos from Dave Christen, IMB Race Director – every tiny detail you might need for race prep and race day, including animations, how buses work, where to drop special needs bags, turn-by-turn directions, down to the tiniest laser point on aerial view maps . . . Part I – Thursday throughRead More

      • Ironman Boulder Video Update

        Submitted by 303Triathlon on July 26th, 2014

        IM Boulder Race Director Dave Christen provides an update on final race preparation for Boulder’s Channel 8, including information on race day shuttles, the best spectator spots, and the finish line party:

        • Ironman Boulder: “How To” Special Needs Bags

          Submitted by 303Triathlon on July 24th, 2014

          Here is an informative video by IMB Race Director Dave Christen on how to handle your special needs bags. Please note: Special Needs Bags WILL NOT be given back to participants after the race. Do not put anything valuable in your bags. According to Dave, We don’t return them because once the athletes have goneRead More