Mark on Monday: Triathlon Season Prep – Spring Dos and Don’ts

Here are a few pre-season Dos and Don’ts from seasoned triathlete and Broomfield resident Mark Cathcart.
(you can tell from his vocabulary he’s originally from “across the pond!”)

Do wash your swim hat after every use. You know when you keep having to pull the swim hat down, if you don’t wash it that’s the oil off your skin/hair on the inside of the hat.

Do take the lane when approaching a traffic circle. Check behind you and move out, no matter which exit you are taking, act like a car, you’ll be much more visible.

Photo by 303cycling’s Cheri Felix

Don’t do what you’ve been doing all winter for training. Now is the time to mix it up. Going long? Do some track sessions and intervals. Challenge yourself to do 2/3 of your long run on the track as intervals.

Don’t forget to check your tires. Been riding on them for more than a year, are you a mileage junky? Next time you get a flat it might blow a hole in the tire too if they are thin.


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