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Luis Vargas, a pioneer of online triathlon coaching, has shifted his services to a new website – They offer customized training plans for all abilities, including beginners, age-groupers with Kona aspirations, and even seasoned professionals. “The motto of the company since day one has been TRAIN SMART, GET RESULTS ®.” says Vargas. “That philosophy is now better reflected in our new web address.” continues Vargas’ entirely custom approach to coaching, with an emphasis on immediate feedback. Each athlete provides personal information about their current fitness, competition history, goals, desired intensity and frequency of workouts. This data allows Coach Vargas to build each training plan accordingly.

Vargas’ competitive and coaching backgrounds are impressive. He has an Ironman personal best from Kona of 9:34, and has help guide numerous successful athletes, such as the 2012 Age Group World Champion, Rick Simpson. “The pre-race advice I received from Coach Vargas changed my Kona race day in 2012 and enabled me to become World Champion. More recently he has helped me with recovery issues and his advice has been spot on.”

The infrastructure behind is due to Vargas’ background in computer programing and years of experience as an IBM software engineer. The website differentiates itself by empowering the coaches to respond to athletes within a few minutes or hours, rather than traditional coaching services that can take days to reply.

Another Age Group Ironman World Champion, Kelly Lear-Kaul, praises her experience being coached by Vargas. “I have been training and racing under the guidance of Coach Vargas since 2004, and have had great successes under the program. He has coached and supported me personally through a successful time in my triathlon racing. I have also been a member of their very successful Elite team and they have managed to create a good sense of community and team spirit, despite the variety of ages and places of residence.”

“[Coach Vargas] has guided my training for the past 7 years. Since joining his team, I have enjoyed a top-5 finish in Kona each year and a top-3 at 70.3 Worlds. The team provides a wonderful camaraderie that has made my journey enjoyable, and the coaching has ensured longevity and success in my triathlon career.”
– Diana Hassel, 10-Ironman Hawaii podium finisher

ABOUT SMARTTRIATHLONTRAINING.COM based out of Boulder, Colorado is an online triathlon coaching and training plan web site. The web site empowers coaches and athletes to communicate in English and Spanish. Athletes from 45 countries have taken advantage of the services this year alone. For more information about training plans and coaching please contact us. Companies interested in associations and sponsoring opportunities can email Kelly

Luis Vargas was born in Colombia, attended high school in Puerto Rico and received a Master’s of Science from Arizona State University. He has lived in Boulder, Colorado for 24 years. Luis founded and is a USA Triathlon certified coach. He has coached triathlon online for 13 years. He was a former collegiate swimmer and soccer player before starting triathlon and competing in the Hawaii Ironman 7 times with a PR of 9:34.

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