Kick-Off to Kona 2018

By Bill Plock, Publisher/President of 303Endurance Network

KONA….It’s a powerful word, especially in the triathlon community. No other amateur event evokes the same recognition and credibility that comes with competing at the Ironman World Champions in Kona. 303Triathlon is excited to bring you 30 days of stories, athlete interviews, podcasts, pictures and of course up to the minute coverage of the race on October 13th.

It started 40 years ago. The stories and legends have many Colorado ties. The “Iron Wars” between Boulder’s Dave Scott and Mark Allen, come to mind. The last American male to win at Kona, Tim DeBoom resides in Boulder as well.

This year, 38 amateurs and nine pro’s from Colorado will compete and we plan to bring you their stories and share the experience overall. We have many coaches, industry leaders and personalities we hope to catch up with on the Big Island and give you their insights and why’s.

Colorado has a strong pro field. Ben Hoffman, a native growing up in Grand Junction finished second a couple of years ago has aims at the podium. As does new (ish) mom, Mirinda Carfrae (3x World Champion) and her husband Tim O’Donnell along with Tyler Butterfield, Matt Chrabot, Kirsty Jahn, Lesley Smith, Tim Don and Andy Potts.

As amateurs, Colorado has more per capita athletes than any state and the third most overall. We will share stories from athletes such as Diana Hassel and Simon Butterworth who will defend their titles as best in the world in their age groups along with those from others vying to meet their goals and make their Kona dreams come true.

We have an exciting list of sponsors who make this coverage possible; Infinit Nutrition, Couer Sports and Boulder’s Base Performance will be at our side. 303 will have five people, all Ironman Finishers bring you “boots on the ground” coverage; Bill Plock, Khem Suthiwan, Rich Soares, Kim Welk and Alison Freeman.

You will find part of our 303Triathlon page dedicated to Kona coverage and please like us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for even more. Our hope is to bring you behind the scenes, introduce you to some remarkable people, companies and organizations all celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Ironman World Championships!


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