James O’Sullivan

Name: James O’Sullivan

1. What are you most excited about in competing in Kona?

The atmosphere, the run in the energy lab and down Ali’i, the poke and acai bowls, the infamous climb to Hawi, the swim out to the coffee boat…to name a few.  Most importantly sharing this whole experience with my fiancé as she has been my biggest supporter and a huge contributor in getting me to Kona.

2. What is your favorite career IRONMAN memory so far?

I would have to say winning my age group at the last Ironman Boulder this year.  I was able to share the experience with my long time coach as well as my now fiancé.  It is something that I will cherish forever.

3. Is this your first time competing in Kona and if no how many other times have you done so?

Yes.  This is my first time racing on the big Island.  I have had the pleasure of spectating in 2015 and again in 2017.

4. If someone were watching that is new to the sport, what would you tell them is the coolest thing about being a triathlete and competing in this venue?

The triathlon community is the coolest thing about being a triathlete.  Everyone is super supportive and friendly.  Even when competing, you will get “Good Job” or “Keep it going” from other athletes out on the course.  Having never competed in Kona I can only imagine that the crowds would be the best part of the venue.  Feeding off them as I run down Ali’i will most likely be something I will never forget.

5. What do you think is the hardest thing about doing an IRONMAN?

I feel the hardest thing about Ironman racing is the commitment and consistency in training.  It really is like a part-time job that you are paying to do.  Working a 40 an hour week and adding in 15-25 hours of training on top of that, it takes a ton of commitment in order to not only finish an Ironman but getting to Kona.  Committing to and trusting the process will go a long way in an Ironman career.

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