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IRONMAN Boulder – Sunday, June 10, 2018

Boulder, CO


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2018 Recap


Always thankful for the Volunteers –


In case you missed parts of the 2017 IRONMAN Boulder, we’ve got ya’ covered. 303Triathlon was everywhere! Read all the news HERE, complete with videos and photo albums.




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Breaking News:

DC’s video on Gear Bags and Special Needs HERE


RD Tim Brosious on FB Live with a bike course update and run course reveal

 Check out the 2018 Bike Course:


Relive ‘IRONMAN Boulder 2018 Bike’



Team Colorado Events



Mark your calendars for these upcoming Team Colorado events.  Events will be the 2nd Saturday of each month.  Watch for updated details for each event.

Our next Team Colorado event is Saturday April 14, 2018.  Mark your calendars and watch for details


** Please note:  Team Colorado events are not exclusively for athletes registered for IRONMAN Boulder.  If you live in Colorado and are registered for an IRONMAN event in 2018, 140.6 or 70.3, please join us for any of the Team Colorado events



Registration for IRONMAN Boulder 2018 is open!  IRONMAN has introduced a new registration incentive program that includes deferral program, payment plan option  and inventory based pricing.  See all of the details HERE


IRONMAN Staff love their jobs!  Check it out



Volunteers Needed!  Jen Szabo has the details



EVERYTHING you need to know about IRONMAN Boulder – Race Director Video




303Triathlon is partnering with Ironman Boulder to help make your visit here as enjoyable and smooth as possible. This page will be updated regularly throughout the year and leading up to the race. Included here are links to the IMB site for many of the resources you will need including the athlete guide, course descriptions, volunteer information and more. We are also including links for additional information such as local training camps, where else to stay in the area, local bike shops, area activities, options for getting around town, Colorado bike laws and much more.

We hope you find this is a useful tool. If there is anything you aren’t finding, add a comment and we’ll do our best to provide the answer for you.


Register for Ironman Boulder 2018 here.


Team Colorado

For the 2017 IRONMAN Boulder event, IRONMAN announced a Team Colorado program.  If you are already registered for the June race this year or you and a friend are still trying to decide, check out what this program can offer.


Team Colorado details here

Exclusive Team Colorado Training Events




Course Data

Swim Course

Map link here


New Bike Course

Map link here

Check out Race Director Tim Brosious’ course video

Relive ‘IRONMAN Boulder 2018 Bike’


New Run Course

Map link here

Tri Hearter: Food for thought

What if Buddha were training for IM Boulder? How do you think he would treat obstacles to his training? Here’s what Tri Hearter author, Bill Plock has to say.  If Buddha did Triathlons

Where should we draw the line with how much science is involved in our training? Some new options to optimize training and racing.  Tri Hearter: Science In Your Life




In addition to the Ironman staff who plan and organize each Ironman event, it takes 5000 volunteers to man changing stations, water stations, medic stations, course safety, the finish line, and more. If you’re interested in cheering on the nearly 3000 athletes that will be racing IMB, sign up to volunteer on race day.

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Here’s a behind the scenes look at some of the talented staff involved in pulling off the largest Ironman event in the world:
Behind the Scenes of Ironman Boulder




Where to Stay

information icon_0For information on the hotels partnered with Ironman Boulder, check this out: Official IMB Hotels

If you would like to consider other area hotels, here are a few suggestions: Additional Lodging Options in the Boulder Area


Local Transportation

Boulder is a popular destination in the summer. There are lots of visitors who come and stay as well as those who are just passing through. Traffic in Boulder can be a bear! So, even if you have a vehicle, you might consider alternate transportation for some of your traveling within Boulder. The bus system, RTD, is amazing. Check out the Boulder Bus Routes. The Hop, Skip and Jump will get you around the greater Boulder area.


Getting from DIA to Boulder


Bike Rental

BcyclesBoulder Bcycle stations can be found all around Boulder. This is a great alternative to the bus or the car. Ride along the scenic Boulder Bike Path and see first hand where the athletes will be doing much of their run. The bikes are equipped with baskets to hold groceries and other items.
Alex Bogusky, co-founder of BCycle, talks about how BCycle came to be:
History of BCycle


Where to Eat

We recently asked our readers to tell us about their favorite Boulder eateries. Click Here for the full scoop and lots of great food recommendations.


Area Activities

There are many incredible sights and experiences while in Boulder. Here are a few suggestions from our readers to get you started:
Some Ideas On What To Do In Boulder


Local Shops

Boulder has lots of bike and tri shops. Check here for a shop near you to grab those last minute race day necessities.
Local Tri Shops




Camps & Training

OWS image_0There are lots of great training camps and open water swims to help get you ready for Ironman Boulder.



If you’re new to the Ironman scene, don’t miss this IRONMAN 101 article on all-things-Ironman, written by local coach Pete Alfino, owner of Mile High Multisport.


Ironman Boulder Guide to Transitions – this is a great guide for full Ironman transitions in general, and the unique transition set-up of IMB, written by MarkAllenOnline co-founder and coach, Luis Vargas.


Pro Triathlete Tyler Butterfield has made Boulder his home. 303Triathlon has been able to catch up with Tyler during the past several months where he shared some great advice on altitude, heat, illness and more. Watch what he has to say.
Tyler Butterfield’s Racing Advice


Make sure to take care of your body during training and recover. Here is some important information about scheduling body work by Dr. Donna Fleitz Mitchell and some local Boulder Body Work practitioners.


Colorado Bike Laws
A great article by Kris Thompson about Colorado Bike Laws

Race Venue


The swim and T1 will take place at the Boulder Reservoir. This is a beautiful venue. Please remember, there will be NO parking at the reservoir on race day. The only access will be to ride the shuttle busses provided by Ironman Boulder. Currently, the only boarding location is Boulder High School at 13th & Arapahoe in Boulder where Ironman Village is located and T2 will take place.

What’s the Weather in Boulder ? See for yourself
Boulder Webcams
Boulder Climate and Weather Data

Two great spots to check the forecast, zip code 80303.

What the local Pro’s think about the August weather


Forums & Groups

Ironman Boulder 140.6
Ironman Boulder Facebook
Boulder Ironman Training Group
You Know You’re An IM When…
IM 70.3 Boulder


Athlete Guide

The 2017 athlete guide has been posted.  See it here


Course Maps

Ironman Boulder Race Director Dave Christen released to 303Triathlon the updated course maps for both the bike and run courses.
View the new course maps here.
View the bike course elevation map here.
View the run course elevation map here.



Bike Services


Official Ironman Bike Services






As information is released from IMB we will provide you with as much detail as we can on where to spectate from on the various courses. Please know that there will be NO parking allowed at the Boulder Reservoir or at Tom Watson Park on race day. ALL athletes and spectators will be required to ride on the shuttle busses provided.

Race Director Dave Christen’s, comments on parking at Tom Watson Park:
Tom Watson only has 50 parking spots. I agree that it would make sense to just park there and walk over. Here is the problem though, if we say that you will have 3000 people try that. Obviously they cannot do that. They will start to park at IBM, on the roads, wherever they can and it will cause big issues.
Boulder County Sheriff will be patrolling and not allowing anyone to park along 63rd or use Tom Watson that AM. Athletes and spectators alike will be very disappointed if they try as local authorities will shut the attempt down and they will need to head back to Downtown and get on the shuttle. Not the way to start the day.

We discovered a great Athlete Tracker. Read about it here.

2016 Spectators Guide  2017 Spectator Guide to released in mid May.  Watch for details.  But here are some Spectator FAQ’s


Where is the best place to watch the race?

SWIM: Ride the shuttles to the Boulder Reservoir and pick a spot on the reservoir dam to watch your athlete kick off their day.

BIKE: Head to Co Rd 6 and I-25 underpass for excellent and safe viewing for your athlete.

RUN: Boulder City Library Lawn, Scott Carpenter Park, and the Boulder High School are all excellent viewing areas to see your athlete many times.

The tracking is ONLY available on race day. Please visit and click on ‘Live Coverage’ at the top of the page and select the correct race. Select ‘Athlete Tracker’ and you can search by bib number or last name.



2016 News



2016 Race Results here

2015 News

2015 Webinar New Race Course with RD Dave Christen and SmarterTriathlonTraining Coach Luis Vargas

2015 Race Results here

2014 News


View the 2014 IRONMAN Boulder recap video here:


Read our “Lasting Impressions” recap story for Ironman Boulder 2014 HERE.

Boulder Res passes bacteria testing for Sunday
Boulder County Cone Zones Up to date information on road projects and IM race restrictions
D3 Athlete Guide to Boulder
Three Logistics Videos from IM Boulder Race Director Dave Christen, covering every detail of race prep, race day
Race Week: Video Update
Ironman Boulder Special Needs Bags “How To”
Update on Boulder Res water temp – likely no wetsuits
Ironman Transitions
IMBoulder Opening Ceremonies
Update on Shuttles to the Swim Start
Race Day Transportation: Why the Buses?
Boulder Cookie Project



Bike Services

Official Ironman Bike Services