How the Leadville Run Series and a Bike Changed Jason’s Life

By Bill Plock

Jason Cohen of Lafayette Louisiana, stared at scale reading 297 pounds and knew he had to do something, anything, to lose weight and get healthy. When asked if there was a defining moment that made him decide to really make a change, Jason says, “there was a perfect storm of events…..a buddy of mine gave me a bike as a gift and little did I know the bike would change my life.”

Jason began riding this bike here and there and just that extra movement on a more and more consistent basis caused him to start to lose weight and feel better.

Fast forward after losing more and more weight, Jason started to run, something he was more familiar with from his youthful days. His runs became longer, conquering 6 miles before a vacation to Colorado that would change his life even more. He and his wife were on a camping road trip that took them to Leadville during the week of the Heavy Half marathon in June as part of the Leadville Run Series. They arrived on Wednesday before the race and something about that challenge simply overtook Jason. He and his wife decided to alter their plans and stick around so Jason could race. He had never run longer than six miles. He did the race and was hooked and in 2018 he finished the Leadville 100 run.

Listen here to whole story it’s quite inspiring! MILE HIGH ENDURANCE PODCAS

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