Holiday Gift Guide: Ravemen CR900 Front Light and TR20 Rear Light


By Alison Freeman

One light – every possible scenario covered. Need a daytime running light for really, really long rides on country roads? Check. Need a super bright flood light for nighttime bike commuting? Check. Need to change the brightness of your light on the fly as the sun rises? CHECK! The CR900 Front Light by Ravemen has you covered for every biking option out there. Standard brightness modes range from 100 to 900 lumens, and you can get up to 24 hours worth of blinking in the “rapid flashing” mode. The provided mount easily attaches the light to your handlebars, the touch pad allows you to change the brightness mode and also displays remaining battery life, and if that weren’t enough already, there’s a provided remote control that you can mount near the hoods so you don’t even have to change hand position in order to change the light’s brightness. I mean, how’s that for convenient?

Pair the CR900 with the TR20 and you’ve got the perfect set of lights for your bike. The quick release clamp of the TR20 can be mounted to your seat tube … or your saddle bag, or your backpack, or the back of your helmet. With a battery life of up to 10 hours and a light designed for visibility from the back and the side, you’re sure to be noticed.

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