Hey Triathletes! Special Opportunity for You to Do State Time Trial July 18th.

BRAC Invites Triathletes to  State Time Trial Championships

The Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado (BRAC) is inviting Triathletes, multisport athletes, and unlicensed cyclists to attend the State Time Trial Championships in Keenesburg, CO on Saturday, July 18th. Depending on age and ability level, there are races of 10, 20, or 40 Km. Riders start at 1-minute intervals and race the “race of truth.” All care is being taken to follow the Public Health Orders for social distancing at outdoor events. 

Per USA Cycling rules, riders are allowed to select their category for an individual time trial, so if you are an experienced triathlete, but have no USA Cycling license, you can choose to ride higher up than the novice category, even to the Pro-1-2 category. If you don’t already have a USA Cycling license, there are two options:

  •  We are lowering the cost barrier to racing this time trial event.
  • BRAC is covering the costs for you to ride on a one-day USA Cycling license.
  • BRAC is waiving the cost of a one-day BRAC membership.
  • USA Cycling is partnering with BRAC for this event to offer you the chance to purchase a discounted annual membership. You can purchase the membership online at https://membership.usacycling.org/ , and use the code BRACTT when asked, to take $10 off. That way, should you win, you will be eligible for the championship status and medal.

To register go here: www.bikereg.com/colorado-time-trial-championships

This event is held in memory of John Stenner. You can read more about him and all the details of the event here: EVENT DETAILS

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