Erin Carson, Strength Coach, Owner of Rally Sport and Lover of Basketball, Golf and Learning

By Bill Plock

Erin Carson is known for accomplishing and being good at many things. In the triathlon world, she may be most famous for being Tim O’Donnell and Miranda Carfrae’s strength coach, or for owning Rally Sport where some of the biggest names in multisport train. But that is just a small part of her story.

In this podcast you will hear how she built the culture to attract the best of the best while keeping Rally Sport a very approachable and welcoming fitness center. She talks about how legendary runner Frank Shorter, 1972 gold medalists and the last American to win the gold in the marathon, really helped Rally Sport create that atmosphere.

You will also learn of her love of golf, basketball and learning. In addition to training endurance athletes, she is also a certified Titliest swing coach. If you have ever heard her coach, it’s easy to imagine her ability to instruct one of the hardest skills in sports–to hit a golf ball.

This love of functional movement really began on the basketball court growing up in Vancouver, Canada where she eventually played for the Canadian National Team. She was also Hall of Fame coach Ceal Barry’s first recruit at the University of Colorado and remains friends with her today–and plays golf with her.

Have a listen and hear the stories and motivation that makes Erin one of the most revered coaches and business owners anywhere.

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