Colorado Triathlon, is this the next big race, or maybe it already is?

Five years ago the Colorado Triathlon by Without Limits had 430 athletes check in and now over 800 athletes started–and Eric Kenney won the first sprint distance race in 2015 and won again yesterday–only 1 min slower than 2015–way to age Eric–or not! Some things change, some things don’t!

First timer sprint men and women’s waves

This past weekend kicked off the outdoor triathlon season at the Colorado Triathlon which featured sprint and olympic distances, along with a duathlon and aqua bike and relay teams. The week leading up to yesterdays race was filled with questions of the water temperature and the temptation to switch to a duathlon. But somehow, in typical fashion, the water warmed up just enough and the atmosphere was electric at the Boulder Reservoir.

First timer Maria Giordano

Most impressive besides conquering the 62 degree water, was the finish line conquer by more than 100 people who had never raced a triathlon before. This race continues to grow and competitors ranged in ages from 14 to 80. There was even a podium for the first-timer categories.

Eric Kenney won the men’s sprint race and Tim Hola took the olympic distance. Lindsay Knast and Steph Popelor were the women’s champs. First timer’s Christian Moden and Maria Giordano stood on top of the podium for the sprint distance and Julien Schaller and Katherine Kerr won the Olympic distance.

First timer, Shannon Simpson said afterwards, “I was impressed at how welcoming the triathlon community is and the feel of the race is “chill” and “fun” and has strong sense of community. When race director Lance Panigutti told us before the race, “that we will get everyone through the day,” I just felt like I wouldn’t’ be left behind.”

Lance’s motto found on the finisher medals, “collect moments, not things” seems to have permeated the atmosphere well!

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