Colorado Triathlon Clubs Directory

Listed below are all the Colorado Triathlon Clubs currently registered with USAT for 2014. According to USA Triathlon, “No matter what level of experience, from newbie to pro, your triathlon experience will be enhanced by joining a club. You will train smarter, harder and have more fun with people of a like mind.”

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ArvadaTriClub FBArvada Triathlon Club, Arvada
The Arvada Triathlon Club supports multi-sport fitness through triathlons and other endurance related activities. Members range from beginner to competitive age group athletes with a wide range of interests and expertise. We primarily support triathlons, but also fully appreciate and support those whose focus is training for duathlons, road cycling, mountain biking, road running, trail running, adventure racing, swimming and many other sports. We invite you to get involved and meet new people to have fun exercising with.

We hold regular meetings with speakers on topics from nutrition, coaching, training Arvada Tri Club2 - resize plans, race strategy, etc. We also have ad hoc group workouts throughout the year.
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Twitter: @ArvadaTriClub




Boulder Tri Club, Boulder
The Boulder Triathlon Club is proud to be a Triathlon Club for members of all ability levels. We offer social events, swim, bike and run training, clinics and the chance to enjoy our sport with others in one of the worlds’ biggest playgrounds for endurance sports.
New in 2015 Boulder Tri Club is running 2 professionally coached training groups! One focused on Ironman Boulder and the other on more shorter distances races. These training groups include a training plan altered for weather, includes group workouts, many of them coached. And clinics and seminars on race day nutrition, race execution, etc.
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Colorado Multisport, Boulder
Colorado Multisport (CMS), Boulder’s only triathlon store, has announced that it is forming a triathlon club to provide another opportunity for the multisport community to gather.CMS store

Michael Stone, owner of CMS, says, “There is a lack of camaraderie within the triathlon community in Boulder. As the only store of its kind in Boulder, CMS wants to create a club consistent with the spirit of embracing new and veteran athletes and be part of their life’s journey in multisport.”

This is a no-drop club. Everyone will be welcome regardless of experience or skill level.



CUTri-1CU Triathlon Team (University of Colorado, Boulder), Boulder
The University of Colorado Triathlon team is a student run club sports team for both men and women at the University of Colorado Boulder. Created in 1993, the team has won 15 collegiate national championships through USA Triathlon (USAT), most recently in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. We have over 100 due paying members that range from professional triathletes to athletes who have never swam before. While we do love to train and work hard, we love to have fun just as much if not more. We train together, we study together, we have potluck dinners, movie nights, game nights, intramural sports teams and volunteer adventures. This team is more than just a team; it is a family.
Contact Info
President: Jesse Frank
Vice President: Kaye Sitterley
Coach: Dave Sheanin
Coach: Brad Seng


D3 Multisport, Boulder

Desire, determination and discipline are the three components of D3 Multisport, Inc.. Our

coaching philosophy is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your training time. Our club is unique in that our athletes are located around the country (and the world!), but on race day, we bring athletes together! Local to Colorado, you’ll find D3 athletes at most races. With this energy comes an opportunity to gather under the D3 tent for pre & post race fun and support! Around the country, D3 athletes can be found at a variety of regional and local-to the-area races. We manage a race calendar for athletes who are coached 1:1, or who purchase a customized training plan. This calendar allows us to make pre-race e-mail introductions so athletes can meet up, or share on course camaraderie!


D3 Multisport’s head coach, Mike Ricci, is a USAT Level III (one of only 20 in the country) certified coach and the USAT National Coach of the Year. Mike and the highly qualified coaches of D3 share a passion and deep appreciation for the sport. They help athletes race their first triathlon, compete at new distances, or qualify for Kona. You can trust that your training will get you results. Our services include 1:1 coaching, customized training plans or pre-built training plans. Mental skills, nutrition, hydration and swim specialists are also available as part of your training matrix.

The coaches love to talk about triathlon, and offer FREE consultations. Send us an e-mail!

Read what our athletes have to say about their experience with D3 here.


High Altitude Triathlon Squad, Boulder

The High Altitude Triathlon Squad will teach juniors to not only be a triathlete, Rojas 1but a swimmer, cyclist, and runner! The program will include 3 practices a week, and clinics on race preparation, race strategy, bike skills, transitions, open water swim, nutrition, and more! Visit for more information, and to sign up!




IPA Endurance, Boulder

IPA logo_0Not for Everyone – The IPA Endurance team is limited to like-minded, hard working, community and humor based athletes. We work very, very hard. We laugh even harder. Are you starting to pick up what we’re putting down? We are all for the athlete, but rage against selfishness. We are about your self confidence but could care less about your ego. And we are confident that we can make you faster — and happier — as you come out to play on arguably the toughest playground in endurance sports.

The IPA Tribe – Triathlon is an individual event. The journey into yourself and your limits is what makes it so special. But we know you will get faster with a tribe of other accountable, serious athletes. And with the additional support of your family and friends who share your journey (and inevitable obsession). We have events for them, as well, to help through the days and nights of preoccupation with calories and watts and whether or not that outfit is see-through when wet.

Our Guarantee – Selecting a coach for Multi-sport is a very personal decision, and our approach won’t be a fit for everyone. If it isn’t working for you, we’ll help you find a program that fits. And, if you leave in the first 30 days, we’ll refund your money. It’s that simple.

We believe in what we are doing and know we can make you a faster, funnier and happier athlete. Happy and well trained athletes go faster.

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Team Vixxen, Boulder

Vixxen Racing is a Boulder-born triathlon team comprised of VIXXEN HORIZONTAL LOGOwomen who refuse to settle for anything less than exceptional. Vixxens are driven women who work hard in all aspects of life. This leash (as a group of foxes is called) can be spotted hammering out miles along the roads and trails of Boulder. The goal for this team is to bring elite development level women together to raise the bar of women’s triathlon while supporting each other and the entire women’s racing community.

We want all women to find their “winning” and relentlessly chase it!

We are committed to the advancement of Women’s Sports and especially women in triathlon. Our mission is to Inspire Women and Girls to accept no limits, conform to no standards, work hard, stay humble, and strive to be the best we can be.

This is Vixxen Racing’s first year as a team, but we plan to make a big impact with small numbers.



Endurance House

Endurance House – Being A Triathlete team


The Endurance House mission is to provide a gold standard guest service to triathletes, runners and walkers of all abilities in a genuine and encouraging atmosphere. This is why Endurance House has designed programs for regular people looking to redefine themselves by accomplishing something that may, at first, feel impossible. With training plans designed to help you compete & complete triathlons from Olympic distance to Ironman distance along with a group of encouraging members and a USAT & RRCA certified coach, Nick Morrison, you’ll be on your way to redefining your possible!



Mike Hanson & wife Susan Reeder, owners of Endurance House in Westminster, believe the team is a community:

“A big benefit is camaraderie. Our team is a forum for being around other athletes who are passionate about triathlon. We learn from each other, support each other, train and socialize. It’s a support network for athletes new to the sport and a way for more seasoned triathletes to share what they have learned.”

So, if you feel stuck where you are today and that there’s just something missing, Endurance House is ready to help you write a new and exciting chapter in your life.



Karma Multisport, Castle Rock



rocktri3Rock Tri Club, Castle Rock

The Rock Tri Club in Castle Rock was organized and created to benefit its members. Swim, Bike, Run. Camaraderie, Support, Enthusiasm. That’s what we’re about. Being a member of our club means that you’ll be surrounded by a supportive network to encourage you and spur you on toward your goals.

We are a positive group that thrives on improving as a whole. We believe that wellness is contagious, so it is our mission to share our love for the outdoors and fitness. As a member of our club, you will also become part of a community that receives discounts and services from local sponsors. Our sponsors believe in us and treat us well; we promise to make them proud. Let’s TRI together!



Tri Conditioning Club, Centennial
Tri Conditioning Club (TCC) is a women’s triathlon club offering our members a comprehensive Tri program. We provide individualized training plans, group workouts including a strength workout and a Tri specific workout, and we take care of all race entries for the 4 races we plan on competing in this year. We cap our team at 12 to keep it a fun, dedicated, and tight knit group!


COS Racing, Colorado Springs

Set up as a 501(c)3, the goal of this team is to get more people of all levels here in the Pikes Peak region racing bikes and giving back to the community. This is an all-category team – any ability is welcome to join. There are club members and race team members, as well as a hand-picked elite race team. Club members aren’t required to race, but are still expected to help out at events. Race team members have a race commitment. All members will be required to perform a significant amount of community service. COS Racing is the brainchild of many local cyclists, with Matt Carnal, a Colorado Springs cycling coach, bike racer, and former triathlete spear-heading the organization. Assisting on this journey is Vice President Brandon Babiracki, and Secretary Pam Haines.

A key phrase in their mission statement is: ”We are an all-inclusive cycling organization and team with the passion to educate our community in all avenues of what it means to live a bike life-style!” COS Racing has the potential to bring a lot of great things to the Colorado Springs community.

Learn more online on facebook at COS Racing: Colorado Springs Cycling Team.

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Club Cafe Velo, Colorado Springs

CCVelo1Club Cafe Velo was founded in 2012 and is dedicated to CCVelo2supporting triathletes and cyclists of all ages and abilities. As a Colorado non-profit, we use our funds to support local juniors interested in endurance sport. Located in the northern part of Colorado Springs, we hold weekly weekend group rides from Cafe Velo, including women-only rides. We also hold social gatherings and educational events for our members. Our group activities can be found on our group. Our annual fundraising event is the Cafe Velo Gran Fondo, which takes place the first Sunday in May.


PEAK Multisport, Colorado Springs


Pikes Peak Tri Club photosPikes Peak Triathlon Club, Colorado Springs
The Pikes Peak Triathlon Club is the premier triathlon club of the Pikes Peak region. Based in Colorado Springs, we welcome members of all abilities, from those who have never done a triathlon to professionals and Ironman veterans. The Pikes Peak Triathlon Club is dedicated to helping multi-sport athletes reach their goals by providing training partners, sponsorship benefits, and education through a fun and supportive environment. We hold monthly meetings with opportunities to interact with excellent educational speakers on topics including nutrition, equipment, training and more. Pikes Peak Tri Club photos2Members also have access to the club’s exclusive email list and web forums, where they can keep up on club news, swap equipment, and share knowledge with each other. If you participate in multi-sport at any level, then the Pikes Peak Triathlon club is here for you!

Formed in April of 2000, The Pikes Peak Triathlon Club is centered in Colorado Springs, CO. Our membership spans the entire Front Range, including Boulder, Pueblo, and the Denver area. The club welcomes people of all ability levels, from those who have never done a triathlon to professionals and Ironman veterans. We are regulars on the podium, with multiple top 3 finishes at both USAT Regional and National Club Championships. The Pikes Peak Triathlon Club is dedicated to helping multi-sport athletes reach their goals by providing training partners, sponsorship benefits, and education through a fun and supportive environment. We hold monthly meetings with opportunities to interact with excellent educational speakers on topics including nutrition, equipment, training and more.


USAFA Triathlon Team, Colorado Springs


Rocky Mountain Triathlon Club, Denver


The Rocky Mountain Tri club is a regional, non-profit club, run by its members for its members.
The Mission of the RMTC is to foster a supportive training and racing community for individuals of all levels of interest, ability, and experience in multi-sport activities.
1. To promote the multi-sport lifestyle and introduce new people to the sport of triathlon without intimidation
2. To provide training and racing opportunities for members in a safe & inviting atmosphere.
3. To enrich our members mind & bodies through monthly club meetings.
4. To give back to the local community through volunteerism.
5. To achieve the above objectives in a fun, social environment.


TriBella/Mile High Multisport Women’s Club, Denver


TriBella and Mile High Multisport coaching have partnered to create the TriBella/MHM Team, a women’s triathlon training group based in Denver, Colorado. Our mission is to provide a group atmosphere which empowers, motivates, and inspires women to lead healthier, more active lives. We support the sport of triathlon among women by encouraging, educating, and empowering the female athlete. The program is open to women of all ages and abilities.

Kathy Alfino of MHM is spearheading the Team with Coaches Tristen Rogers Fibiger and Mandy Jellerichs. These accomplished USAT certified coaches have worked with everyone from beginner triathletes to elite competitors who race at the highest level. Their breadth of hands-on racing and coaching experience creates an unmatched dynamic you won’t find with other women’s group training programs.

The TriBella/MHM Team offers training programs and group workouts tribella logo resizedesigned to prepare you for the race season. We have programs for beginner, intermediate, and advanced athletes. Athletes racing all distances from Sprint to Ironman are welcome.

The training includes instruction in swimming (open water and pool), cycling, and running plus we will offer other various workshops. These workouts are for all abilities and everyone is encouraged to attend.

Contact Information
Kathy Alfino for more information


Yoli Training Team, Denver


Colorado State University Triathlon Club, Ft. Collins

Northern Colorado Triathlon Club, Ft. Collins
Following a grassroots effort to begin a Northern Colorado Triathlon Club, NoCo Tri Club resizeNoCO Tri started in early 2014. We are a USAT Triathlon Club for all ability levels. We specialize in social events and offer certified coach-led swim, bike, run training and clinics and the opportunity to enjoy the finest outdoors Colorado has to offer! The NoCo Tri Club’s mission is to unify all ages and abilities of endurance sport athletes into a supportive, educational and social community. We’ll build this community by engaging all levels of athletes to actively participate in the club. Please read the following article about the club’s launch for more information: New NoCO Tri Club Launched

Contact Information
Jon Mace
PO Box 203 Fort Collins CO 80522-02


Roaring Fork resizeRoaring Fork Women’s Triathlon Team, Glenwood Springs
The Roaring Fork Women’s Triathlon Team was created to help women in the Roaring Fork Valley find and develop their inner athlete. For the past fifteen years the program has been promoting women’s fitness, fun, and philanthropy while teaching the basics of swim, bike, run/walk and heart zone training. The team trains from May through August and culminates the season with the Tri for the Cure Sprint Triathlon in Denver.

Contact Info
Nancy Reinisch, USAT Coach 1,
Judy Haynes, CPT at 970.618.1066


Colorado School of Mines Triathlon Club, Golden


Grand Valley Triathlon Club, Grand Junction


Attivo Multisport


Attivo Multisport was created after many years of personal and team coaching, experimenting with ideas and trying different methods until the right formula was created. We make sure we are the right fit for our members, and they are the right fit for us, so everyone ends up successful in the end! Our high caliber coaches have both the professional knowledge as well as years of personal experience to confidently teach and coach members to be as successful as they can be.

Our coaching philosophy is that even though everyone is an individual in their abilities and in their goals, it doesn’t mean they can’t train together! Triathlon may be an individual sport, but it doesn’t mean you have to train hours and hours alone. Our hope is you make some friends and training parters along the way, who will motivate, challenge and support you.

Attivo Multisport is based in Lakewood, CO and offer two teams; the Novice/Short Course Team and the Intermediate/Long Course Team, allowing athletes of all abilities to train with us. We understand that training for your first Sprint triathlon is going to be a different approach than those training for a 70.3 or 140.6, so we have created two different teams to allow every member to get the coaching that they need, making friends and training partners along the way!





 eNRG Performance offers a youth/junior triathlon team that provides instruction, periodization, and support for young triathletes age 8-19. There is a Developmental Team that focuses on training for non-draft legal triathlons and a High Performance Team (ages 13-19) that focuses on training for draft legal triathlons around the country. Bob Seebohar is the head coach and oversees all developmental progression for the team.


Learn more at or contact Coach Bob Seebohar at


Team CWW Triathlon, Littleton
Based on the concept that the mid-aged homemaker of the ’90’s was not going to dip into the family coffers for money for herself, Team CWW was founded in 1997 with a not for profit philosophy. And so it remains, however the name has been trademarked to reflect the popular notion that it was always Colorado Wild Women.

CWW_logo_square_triteam-1Since its inception, CWW has escorted over 3000 women to the finish lines of their triathlon and duathlon dreams. After seeing the distaff side of the sport grow form 20% to well nigh 50%, and watching members ditch all for Ironman shirts, CWW has honed in on a mission of balance in life as well as letting it all hang out, that, from time to time. It’s coaches are the State’s finest, with degrees and athletic CV’s that others can only dream about.

We have spawned seven local triathlon Running_Clinicbusinesses, and, in 2004 received an award from the International Olympic Committee for top triathlon volunteer organization in the United States. Founder Celeste Callahan was presented in 2012 the inaugural Excellence in Sport Service to Women from the International Triathlon Union.
Contact Info
Celeste Callahan
Team CWW


You Can Multisport, Littleton
OW swim, bike, run, prepare for your first triathlon, 5K, 1/2 marathon, bike rides, rehearsals, camaraderie!! We still have openings and would love to have you join us. Outdoor season training team, starting on May 31th-Sept 30th. Register today! Contact us for any questions you may have.
Contact Info
Jeannete Sorensen Hickok, NASM certified Personal trainer, USAT l triathlon coach
Mobile:303-517 5588
You Can Multisport


CCTC-pool_0Coal Creek Triathlon Club, Louisville
Coal Creek Tri Club offers training and community for anyone interested in learning more about triathlon. With training sessions for everyone – adults, youth, newbies and seasoned athletes. Certified and professional coaches will help you reach your triathlon potential.

New Website


Revolution Running Multisport, Louisville
Revolution Running is a running and multisport training club that welcomes all levels rev run logo_0of runners from beginners to seasoned competitors along Colorado’s Front Range and now in Bellingham, Washington. Its mission is to offer the highest quality coaching experience in an intimate group-training environment at a great value to members.




Altitude Multi Sport Club, Parker
Altitude Multi Sport is a club which welcomes athletes of all levels and abilities. AMC_GroupWe have members who are true novices entering their first races ever all the way to seasoned competitors who have qualified for both nationals and Kona respectively. Our athletes train and compete regularly in races ranging from triathlon sprints up to full Ironman races on any given weekend with incredible support from all of our club members. We also offer USAT level coaching from our in-club coaches who help our athletes to improve in all facets of the triathlon sport.

AMC_RattlesnakeWith regularly scheduled club swims (January – early April usually), club rides and group runs Altitude Multi Sport offers a well-rounded environment for athletes of all skill levels and backgrounds to take advantage of. Altitude Multi Sport focuses its’ training in the Parker, Castle Rock and Highlands Ranch areas, though it is not uncommon for members to travel together to locations such as Denver, Aurora or Boulder in order to train together. Altitude Multi Sport prides itself on being a tight knit club supporting each other and helping each other to succeed. While Altitude Multi Sport focuses on a positive and supporting environment for our athletes and their training, we also focus on offering an opportunity for athletes to find a club which they can call home and share their triathlon aspirations, experiences and triumphs.

AMC_DawsonsButteContact Info
Altitude Multisport






Southern Colorado Triathlon Club, Pueblo

SoCoT2 is a triathlon training club sanctioned and insured by USA Triathlon SoCoT2 1created in Southern Colorado in September 2012. The club is part of the Southern Colorado Runners (SCR) club to continue supporting the local running club that has done so much for running in the Pueblo area for over 20 years and provide SCR members with additional social training opportunities. SCR serves as the fiscal agent with 501(c)3 status and provides the option of becoming an SCR only member ($15/year individual or $25/year family) or SCR plus SoCoT2 member ($25/year individual or $45/year family) with all the benefits of both clubs for those interested in running, cycling and swimming.

SoCoT2 is designed:

  • To promote the sport of triathlon to those living in and around Pueblo in SoCoT2 kidsSouthern Colorado.
  • To promote healthy, active kids through the club’s Youth Tri Training program that helps train area youth for the annual Mini Mortals Triathlon held each May.
  • To create a supportive network for athletes to train with and learn from one another.
  • To host a high quality triathlon event locally each year as a fundraiser for the club and programs working to promote a healthier Pueblo through running, cycling and swimming. The Ordinary Mortals (adult) and Mini Mortals (Youth) Triathlons are intended to provide an opportunity to race locally and highlight the Pueblo area to athletes outside the Pueblo area.

SoCoT2 6SoCoT2 4SoCoT2 3








Iron Edge Tri Club, Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Tri-Club, Steamboat Springs