Colorado Multisport Moving Sale, Still Good Stuff for Sale

As many of you know, and we will be interviewing owners Michael Stone and Russ Chandler soon, but Colorado Multisport (CMS) and Full Cycle are merging and moving into a new location early next year.

CMS is having a store moving sale with some impressive discounts. Last week when we there, there was still a good choice of products for sale. Things the all cyclists and triathletes buy on a regular basis were on sale like tubes, tires, nutrition, goggles. Some bigger ticket items like wetsuits, clothing and even select models of bikes can be had for nice discounts. With bike supplies in tight demand, now is a good time to stock up for next year.

Or maybe some stocking stuffers like these cool mugs!

Michael sent us list of items still available as of yesterday Sunday, November 22:

Here is what is left: As for categories we still have a lot of product:

  • Shoes: 30-75% off
  • Tires: 30% off
  • Wetsuits: 60-75% off
  • Swimwear: 50% off
  • All the CMS gear (tees, ect): 70% off

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