Colorado Athletes in Kona: Rob Ladewig

Rob Ladewig

Well the bags are packed, the bike is in transit and I am as ready as I am going to be for my 9th trip to the big island for the Ironman World Championships.  This years Kona will be my 33rd Ironman.  I am racing this year in the 65-69 age group and completed IM Texas back in May and IM Boulder in Aug.  If all goes well in Kona (I can still walk at the finish) we fly back to Colorado Springs and get in the car for a trip across country to IM North Carolina just two weeks after Kona.  After that I think I’ll be ready for a little down time.


Some of you know that my oldest brother is Missing in Action from the Vietnam war since Aug of 1968. He was a fighter pilot flying F-4s and his airplane was shot down over North Vietnam on a night combat mission on the 24th of Aug 1968.  I made a pledge back in 2003 to race at least one IM a year (as long as I am physically able) in his honor until we are able to bring him home.   So far I have been able to meet that commitment but my IM times aren’t getting any faster and the sun seems to go down sooner as each race passes.

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