Colorado Athletes in Kona: Peter Anderson

Peter Anderson


Triathlon always looked like fun so I raced my first sprint in 2008 and was hooked.  If a little is fun, then a lot must be more fun, right?  And then what about Ironman?  It must be all the fun I can fit into a single day.  And it was.


Ironman Arizona 2009 was my first at that distance and also my first involvement with the Ironman Foundation, racing on a foundation slot.  I continued to race 140.6 as often as I could, completing my 17th at Ironman Vineman in July this year.

Preferring quantity over quality, I will race in Kona as a Legacy athlete, having earned my spot through the number of races completepa-asleep-konad instead of the speed at which I did so.  While others in my age group may choose to stop racing after nine or ten hours, I will continue trudging on well into the night.


Supporting me in Hawaii will be my bemused family and friends, including my patient wife (we married September 4th) and impatient son (15 months old).  The old saying is true, “Behind every successful man stands an astonished woman” and much of my success I owe to her.  It truly is a team effort and I’m lucky to have so many people in my corner.


Finally, I am a proud Ironman Foundation Ambassador and I’m happy to use my one and only shot at Kona to race for others, raising money for good works and great people in race communities around the country.  It’s a great feeling knowing that my day of fun will change not only my life, but also the lives of those I race for.