Colorado Athletes in Kona: Mike Kloosterman

Mike Kloosterman

Introduction by 303’s Bill Plock

As I was packing for Kona I received a text from Mike full of exclamation points and oozing energy and excitement. At the awards ceremony in Boulder he jumped and hooted and hollered accepting the award to Kona and was obvious this was no ordinary qualifier. His text speaks volumes to who he is. This is Mike’s first trip to Kona and he asked if there is anything HE could bring for us at 303 since we were all here already. Wow, he should be thinking of his race but is thinking of how else he can help. When you read is bio, you will understand how easily that text came for him! Go Mike Go!!!!!

Mike Kloosterman


I am coached by Robbie Wade, professional triathlete hailing from Ireland, residing in Westminster, CO; and I am a member of Maverick Multisport which is a nationwide triathlon team consisting of Professionals and Age Groupers alike.

In 2012 I ran 10 marathons, in 10 states, raising more than $12,000 over the course of 5 months for the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults. Ulmans fundraising TEAM was primarily made up of triathletes and I was the lone wolf out doing marathons. Over that year I became firmly intrigued and in 2013 I set off on a mission to complete my 1st 70.3 triathlon at Vineman in California.

This will be my first trip to Kona.  I qualified at IRONMAN Boulder 2016 – 9:46:24, 19th overall, 6th in AG.  Check out the great reaction to Mike’s Kona slot at the allocation ceremony in Boulder.  Video here

On this trip to Kona I am looking forward to bikes, coffee boat, undie run, & my 1st family vacation since 2000! We are staying for a week after the race to rest, relax, and probably hike some 13er volcanoes!

I have many motivators… Most good, some bad. High on the list is my drive to fulfill the beliefs of those close to me. My friends and family more often than not make me feel like Superman and I work hard to try and prove them right!

Also high on that list is my deceased Father. Sports were important in my childhood… My dad never required my sister or I to be the best but he did demand that we always give our best. His main phrase for all things sport and life was “Always maintain a P.M.A.” (Positive. Mental. Attitude.) They are words I live by during every day, every workout, and every race.

When my dad passed away I began down a slippery slope of overeating and drinking… In a little over a year I gained about 100lbs and I am pretty sure I had a mild heart attack. My WHY is mainly a promise to myself to never let it happen again. I am proud of the fact that with little more than hard work and consistency I have built myself into the athlete that I am today.


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